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Where Are The Villain Action Figures?

Ok, so I’ve made my rounds to many a dollar store and seen many action figures, most of which have high lead content in the many layers of paint they add to them, and I don’t recall seeing so much as a single action figure that could be remotely classified as a villain, real or knock off.

Where are all the villains?

Where are all the guys that the City Nimrods and Batman Evil Killer are supposed beat up?

Batman and City Nimrod action figures
Nimrods and Evil Killer ready to fight….. no one?

I’m surprised I haven’t come across a single villain type action figure. Well, there was the pirate play set, but they aren’t action figures and they’re quite small, combat army play set small. The blue Nimrod could be Venom, but it could also be a two pack regular and ice Spiderman. I also have some transforming construction vehicles which could be compared to the Constructicons from Transformers, but they are more Bob The Builder than sinister.

Imagine this, you’re a kid and you get the new combat Army Pete action figure and he’s got no one to beat up. I’ve got the City Nimrods and Batman rip off action figures, how about an Om-nom or The Jokem action figure?

Many kids have their favorite super hero, but it’s the villains who get most of the attention, so why not make the villains? For every good kid who wants to be Superman or Spiderman, you got some other kid wanting to be Darth Vader or a Klingon. Villains work either way, as the primary or secondary figure. I may not have seen any true villains yet or they may not exist.

Anyone see any villain action figures at a dollar or discount store, real or knock off?

If so, how about sending a picture of it and mention which dollar or discount store you got it from?

It would be interesting to see what is out there and I can show them in a future post.

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