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Super Hero Batman Action Figure

Another cheap action figure I found at one of the dollar stores is the Super Hero Batman action figure. He has a different costume design, no cape and gold dust designs on his black suit. He also comes with a gigantic bow and arrow with 2 suction cup dart arrows. The bow is colored the same way as the suit.

That’s typical of Batman though, marking his toys with his own logos and symbols.

The Package
Batman PackageBatman should get on his Bat Computer and look up a few copyright laws, Spiderman’s spider sense must be tingling at this point and Superman has a new vulnerability. Like the cheap Spiderman action figure City Nimrods, the Batman action figure package has several characters on it. Spiderman, Superman and even a Power Ranger are included on the package along with the less prominent Batman photo from Batman and Robin. Oh and why is Robin on the right side of Batman’s chest?

Robin on Batman’s chestIt doesn’t even matter that Batman is DC, Spiderman is Marvel and Power Rangers are, well, neither DC or Marvel.

Both the Spiderman and Batman on the package pictures have a flash on their chest. That’s the light both the City Nimrod and this Batman have as an additional unmentioned feature. Batman I can see having a light like that on his suit with all the gadgets he has, but Spiderman? I think a little lightning bug got into the mix of genetically altered spiders. It would suck to have to press your lower back to get it to work since that is where the button to turn it on is located.

The Batman Action Figure

Batman Action Figure ContentsThis Batman action figure was most likely made at the same place as the City Nimrods. They both have the same right and left hand pose(that can’t hold what they came with) and come with weapons that really don’t make sense for the characters they are supposed to be. They both have a working chest light however, the Super Hero Batman action figure has a giant hole in the back of his head. Why? I don’t know.

Batman’s both hands Batman’s chest light Hole in Batman’s head

Batman and City Nimrod action figures
Batman is a little short compared to B-Rod and R-Rod.

The Bow and Arrow
Batman’s Bow and ArrowThe bow itself is the same black and gold as Batman’s costume. The trouble is, this bow is way too big for the action figure to hold in either hand and it feels about the same weight as the figure to. This is just like the Nimrods who could not hold their weapons very well, but at least the weapons they had were proportionate to the figures. What good is this bow and arrow for Batman?

Bow as big as BatmanThe bow and arrow is almost as tall as the figure and he can’t really hold it so what is the point? It is almost like one of those miniature desktop items. I can actually use it myself. These darts don’t stick though. It was these kinds of darts I was thinking of when I thought the darts from the SWAT air dart gun set wouldn’t work. Even when I push them against a flat surface, like a window, they fall down after a couple seconds.

It should be marketed as the Joker’s desktop bow and arrow set with a Batman rip off knock down target.

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