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Toy Gun Targets

When you get a toy gun, you’re going to want to shoot something, sooner or later. There’s only so much fun in seeing how far it will shoot.

People and animals aren’t an option for various reasons, up to and including eye damage, so many of the toy guns you can get come with targets to shoot at.

Spin Target
Mini SWAT Gun Spin TargetSummary: This target is a target that spins horizontally when shot and is made with hard plastic with suction cups on the stand to stick to a surface. The enemies are stickers on the plastic surface. If you can get the suction cups to stick to a surface, the target should spin fine and the darts might stick, otherwise you’ll need to tape the target down.

Rating: 4/5 Toy: Mini SWAT Gun
Pro: Two targets in one that spin when hit
Con: Suction cupped stand unreliable

Red Torso Target
Police Force Shotgun TargetSummary: This target is a flat piece of cardboard placed in a plastic stand. The surface of the cardboard shows the torso of a person divided into sections, each worth a different amount of points depending on where the target is hit. When hit, the target will most likely fall back, unless it is held down in some way. If the target is held down, the dart might stick, but the cardboard is flimsy and most likely won’t take many hits before breaking. It’s your choice, but it’s not that big of deal.

Rating: 3/5 Toy: Police Force Dart Shotgun
Pro: Has a stand
Con: Targets held up could be damaged by shooting them with darts

Space Module Target
Star Invaders Space Gun 100 TargetSummary: This target consists of a cardboard target in a black plastic stand to hold it up. The target shows what looks like a Heads Up Display(HUD) of a space fighter ship targeting some from of module in space. It can be taped down, but there’s little point since the target comes with a plastic bullet firing gun. The bullets won’t stick so it’s better to have it knocked down so you know it’s been hit. It’s worth 100 points, but up to you if 100 for every hit or not.

Rating: 3/5 Toy: Star Invaders Space Gun
Pro: Looks cool
Con: Are you just floating in space shooting at it?

Space Ship Target
Star Invaders Space Gun 200 TargetSummary: This target also consists of a black plastic stand and a cardboard target. The target also shows the HUD display of a spaceship that is targeting another spaceship. This is a knock down target and it’s better for the target to allow it to be knocked down instead of taping the target down to allow it to stay standing. This target is worth 200 points, but you’ll probably have a hard time hitting it from anything other than point blank range.

Rating: 3/5 Toy: Star Invaders Space Gun
Pro: Worth twice as much as the Space Module target while just as easy to hit
Con: Again, are you just floating in space shooting at it?

Archery Target
Dart Bow and Arrow Archery TargetSummary: This target is a typical archery bullseye target and it needs to be cut out of the dart bow and arrow cardboard. It doesn’t have any stand so it would need to be pinned/taped to a wall or some other creative way to have it held up to shoot darts at it. The target would need to be fastened to something completely flat and firm if the targets have any hope of the darts sticking. Points can be discussed ahead of time since the targets lack scoring, unless the rules change as you go.

Rating: 2/5 Toy: Dart Bow and Arrow Set
Pro: It looks like something people with bow and arrows shoot at
Con: Will be tough getting the darts to stick

Lame Dartboard Target
Dart Bow and Arrow Dartboard TargetSummary: This target is similar to a dartboard, but it’s a little more wacky and thus, quite lame. It needs to be cut out from the dart bow and arrow cardboard package and it doesn’t have a stand either. It needs to be fastened to something flat and firm in order for the darts to have any chance of sticking to the target. As a dartboard, there are numbers on several sections, but the placement of the 17,18 and 19 conflict with the usual scoring. They should have just left those off.

Rating: 2/5 Toy: Dart Bow and Arrow Set
Pro: Has some points labeled
Con: The 18 square is almost the only reason to shoot at the right side of the entire target. That or if you only need less than eight points to win when playing with dartboard scoring
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