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Other Artillery Toys

You can find more than just handguns, shotguns and rifles at the dollar stores. Some stores carry various other forms of unique, odd or interesting long range artillery toys. Artillery meaning they fire or launch something.

Major Combat Crossbow Major Combat Crossbow

Summary: Basically it’s a form of crossbow
This Pack Comes With:

  • Crossbow
  • Three Arrows
  • Two Knockdown Targets
Inclusion Rating: 3/5
Found: SM Dollar & Discount
Pro: The rubber band is better than the Police Squad Crossbow string(see below)
Con: The targets are quite small
There’s no full review of this pack at the moment

Mini Disc Blaster Mini Disc Blaster

Summary: Alien looking gun that fires somewhat safe foam discs
This Pack Comes With:

  • Mini Disc Blaster
  • 12 Foam Discs
Inclusion Rating: 2/5
Found: Food Basics Dollar Section
Pro: Ammo is somewhat safe being made out of foam
Con: Other packs have more foam disc ammo to fire
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Fun With Bugs Fly Launcher Fun With Bugs Fly Launcher

Summary: A handgun catapult that launches flies and whatever you want
This Pack Comes With:

  • Fly Launcher
  • 8 Fly Bullets
Inclusion Rating: 2/5
Found: Dollarama
Pro: There’s another one that launches tiny ninjas, really, tiny ninjas
Con: Shotgun mode uses up too much ammo to be practical
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Police Squad Crossbow Police Squad Crossbow

Summary: A decent looking handgun crossbow that actually fires darts that stick
This Pack Comes With:

  • Crossbow
  • Four Arrows
  • Arrow Quiver
Inclusion Rating: 3/5
Found: Dollar Power
Pro: It’s much better than the Major Combat Army Weapon(It’s a Crossbow to)
Con: Don’t leave it loaded, it gets limp
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Boxing Glove Gun Boxing Glove Gun

Summary: The handgun with the one inch punch
This Pack Comes With:

  • Boxing Glove Gun
Inclusion Rating: 0/5
Found: Food Basics Dollar Section
Pro: Apparently, it’s a quite sought after item
Con: You don’t get anything with it
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Bow With Dart Arrows Bow With Dart Arrows

Summary: A bow and arrow set for all you Robin Hoods out there
This Pack Comes With:

  • Bow
  • Three Arrows
  • Cut Out Targets
Inclusion Rating: 3/5
Found: Dollarama
Pro: The arrows stick to flat surfaces like windows
Con: The arrows don’t stick to the targets
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