Transforming Dinotron Robot Tyranno Tron

So here it is, the last Dinotron on the list, and you didn’t have to wait over a month to get it. Again, sorry about that.

I tried to save the best for last, but everyone has their own favorite. This Dinotron is a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur called is Tyranno Tron. At least, I think it’s supposed to be a Tyrannosaurus, it doesn’t really look like the usual T Rex you might think of. Now Grimlock, one of the Transformer Dinobots, looks like the T Rex he’s supposed to be.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex form of Tyranno Tron
Tyranno Tron in Dino Form

The figure is kind of awkward, not having a good center of balance. If you stand it straight up makes it look up at the sky and leaning it forward tends to make it fall over.

Another thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the pair of guns sticking out of the cheeks of the dinosaur head. I would think that would make it very hard for the dinosaur to chomp down on anything very big with guns in the way.

Watch the Transformation
The “cooler than the rest looking” robot form of Tyranno Tron
Tyranno Tron in Robot Form

The robot form is probably the coolest looking of all the Dinotrons. The Tyrannosaurus arms swing back and they remind me of wings. It also stands much better in this form.

The cheek guns are removable and fit in the fist holes in the hands of the robot form and the legs can be pulled to extend them. I forgot to pull the legs out before I took the picture so it’s actually taller than the picture shows, but not by much.

So that’s it for the Dinotrons. Too bad they didn’t have a Dinotron Pteranodon like Swoop from the Dinobots. I mean, they already had the other four.

Robot Dinosaur Transformer Stego Tron

No, the site hasn’t been abandoned. December was insane and that resulted in a five week break between posting.

The Stego Tron Dinotron transformer is the third of the four Dinotrons. The first two shown were the Bronto Tron and Tri Top Tron.

Stego Tron is a stegosaurous that you can transform into a robot. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of the Transformers Dinobot Snarl. Stego Tron, however, is no Snarl

Stego Tron in Dinosaur Form
The dinosaur form of Stego Tron

In dinosaur form, it looks just like a brown and gold stegosaurus so that’s a plus since the last one doesn’t look like the usual dinosaur it’s named after. In addition to the normal ridges on the back, Stego Tron has a twin cannon mounted right on the middle of the back.

Watch the Transformation

The Robot Form of Stego Tron
Stego Tron in robot mode

After a little bit of and very basic transforming, you have the robot form of the Stego Tron. The twin cannon aiming forward while in dinosaur mode aims up when in robot form so it’s not very helpful.

At least this one stands much better than the Tri Top Tron and it’s robot head isn’t by the dinosaurs butt.

Only one more Dinotron to go!

Tri Top Tron Dinosaur Robot Transformer

Last week I presented Bronto Tron, the first of four Dinotron dinosaur robot transformers and this week I have Tri Top Tron.

If you couldn’t quite figure it out, Tri Top stands for Triceratops. This makes Slag the Dinobot of choice if you want the Transformers version. There’s a significant difference between Tri Top Tron and Slag though to call Tri Top Tron a unique figure and not a bootleg.

The dinosaur form of the Tri Top Tron Dinotron
Tri Top Tron in Dinosaur Form

In dinosaur form, it looks like it has two heads when viewing from the front since the upward ridge behind the head has a gap where the robot head is supposed to be. At least his robot head wasn’t in a poorly chosen spot like Bronto Tron.

It also has a couple of attached guns/cannons on the shoulders.

Watch the Transformation
The robot form of the Tri Top Tron Dinotron
Tri Top Tron in Robot Form

In robot form, the feet don’t transform well and it doesn’t stand up on its own quite well. If you look closely, you can see the robot feet don’t touch the ground as they should so you have to position the rotated dinosaur feet properly for it to stand.

There’s not really much else to say about Tri Top Tron so we might as well move to the next one.

There are only two more Dinotrons to go in the series.

Bronto Tron Transforming Dinosaur Robot

Sorry for the very long delay in posting. Things have been quite busy in addition to a general lack of energy with the days getting shorter and colder up here in Canada.

So far I have only posted one other cheap transforming toy, the cheesy Transport Transformer toy which is a total bootleg of Optimus Prime from the Transformers. Now, I have a collection of four transforming dinosaur robots, the Dinotrons, that I got from a Dollarama store.

This one here is a robot that transforms into a brontosaurus, now called an Apatosaurus, dinosaur and vice versa. The transformation is probably what you’d expect from a cheap dollar store toy, although you don’t have to remove parts to complete the transformation like the Transport Transformer Optimus. It looks more like a robot wearing a dinosaur costume rather than something you really transform. You just peel back the layers to find the robot.

I never had the Dinobots, but I don’t think this is a bootleg of Sludge though. They couldn’t have made him this crappy.

The Bronto Tron Dinotron in dinosaur form
Bronto Tron in Dinosaur Form

Watch the Transformation

The Bronto Tron Dinotron in robot form
Bronto Tron in Robot FormIf you can’t tell, the brontosaurus is still largely intact, like the robot has one on its back.

One thing I found most quite amusing is that the head of the robot is where the butt of the dinosaur is supposed to be. I just have one question.

What would it be if the robot was throwing up?

The Bronto Tron Head is the Dinosaur's Butt

The Bronto Tron is the first of four Dinotrons. Stay tuned for the other three in upcoming posts.

I Am Iron Storm

Well, I had intended on posting more things while I was on vacation last week, but that didn’t happen.

I thought it was time to post another cheap action figure toy I picked up at the Dollar Power discount store, the same place I got the Harry Potter knock off Little Wizard, and I thought this one would be a good return to the action figures.

When I first saw this toy, I immediately thought it was an Iron Man knock off, but at a closer look I started to have my doubts. I mean, it’s got a gold face and the weapons weren’t exactly standard Iron Man issue. The gold on the elbows and thighs wasn’t really what I remember Iron Man having, but I was looking more for the comic version.

If you check out the movie Iron Man, you can see many of the markings are in the same spot. Even if they are altered, but then again, that’s what the knock offs do. Like, what’s with the skull face thing on the chest?

 The Iron Storm Action Figure
The Iron Storm figure is slightly shorter than the City Nimrods

This action figure has a little more “action” to it compared to the City Nimrods and the Super Hero Batman. The Iron Storm figure has bending elbows and legs, in addition to the rotating head and arms the Nimrods and Batman both have.

Iron Storm Action Figure Adjustable Elbows The Iron Storm Can Sit Down
Iron Storm can bend his elbows and sit down, Nimrod can’t

The figure doesn’t stand too well. I’m surprised I was able to get it standing upright for the side view shot. The front view pictures have him leaning against the wall to stay up. He also has a hole in the left side of his body that fits things slim things into it. For example, the throwing star blade fits inside, so he can get some battle damage.

Iron Storm's Weapons
Throwing Star DesignIron Storm comes with some weapons which is a nice bonus. Several throwing stars and some form of handheld scythe weapon with spiked knuckles for punching while holding.

If you look closely, the throwing stars have the Yin-Yang Symbol on them which you can see much better since taking the picture with a flash.

The weapons only fit well in the right hand, the left hand is too open to hold the throwing stars and the scythe thing is too loose within the hand. It’s not to say the throwing stars fit well in the right hand, but I was able to keep them in there long enough to take a shot.

Holding the Throwing Star Holding the Hand Weapon

One thing the Iron Storm doesn’t have is one of those lame chest lights that make no sense. The only toy where the chest light might have made sense since it would fit with the Iron Man costume.

Oddly enough though, there’s a place to put batteries in the back, but there’s nothing to turn on. The package has a picture of a toy with a button where a belt buckle should be, similar to the Nimrod button, so maybe another variation has something this one doesn’t.

Iron Storm's Back
Battery compartment, but nothing that would use batteries included

All in all, it’s a decent action figure. If you have a great imagination, you can pretend it’s really that Iron Man action figure you’ve always wanted.

Harry Potter And The Cheap Knock Off

Little Wizard PackageWell, the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is coming out July 15th so I thought I would post the Harry Potter knock off action figure. It’s not a new action figure and was most likely made for one of the previous movie releases. Anything dollar store is usually behind the times.

The name is somewhat unimaginative, Little Wizard, it’s a descriptive term. Why not Herry Putter or Horry Patter? I guess they were trying to avoid making it too obvious of a connection. I mean aside from the hair, the resemblance is uncanny, take a look. He reminds me of the puppet Conky from the Trailer Park Boys. It was made in the likeness of the character Bubbles.

Contents of the Knock Off Harry Potter

This Harry Potter knock off comes with a couple accessories that fit into fists. The fists have holes in them, much like if you were holding a bat, and the two accessories fit right into them.

Knock Off Harry Potter Holding the Broom and Wand

The first accessory is a crooked wand thing most likely used for magic and the other is a broomstick that is probably there for the Quidditch game in the Harry Potter books.

The Rip Off Harry Potter Holding the Broom and Wand like a Cane

The magic wand might not even be a magic wand at all. It could be a cane used by older wizards that’s usually made out of a crooked wooden tree branch. I’m sure kids can use their imagination and decide between the two.

The Bootleg Harry Potter Can Swing His Arms

The Harry Potter bootleg is an action figure because the arms can move forward and backward like normal arms. He doesn’t have a chest light like the Fighter Robots, City Nimrods or the Batman action figure, but that would be a little odd. Batman and the Robots I can see having that light, but not the Nimrods. Even the knock off Optimus Prime has a chest light.

Check out the animated picture of Little Wizard worthy of a dollar or discount store.

Fighter Robots

Fighter Robot HeadI haven’t posted a dollar store action figure in quite some time so I figure it’s about time for another one.

These are the Fighter Robots and I picked them up at one of the Buck or Two stores. I can’t remember if they were a buck or two(har har). The Fighter Robots come in two sizes, big and mini.

The big Fighter Robots are packed individually so you’re going to have to get another one so it won’t feel lonely. The mini ones come in packs of two, but they are half the size of the big ones.

Big Fighter Robots
So, I got two of the big Fighter Robots, the only colors the Buck or Two had available were black and grey. There may be other colors available. They really remind me of Vikings, don’t know why.Black Fighter Robot

Grey Fighter Robot

The Fighter Robots arms and legs moveBoth the arms and legs are posable on the Fighter Robots, although it’s not what you might expect. They don’t move straight forward, the robot arms are curved like those body builder guys whose biceps are too big who can’t put their whole arm against their bodies. The arms are posable, but you can’t get a good downward chopping action.The legs work a little better than the arms, they pivot the right way, but pivot on an angle making anything other than standing up straight difficult. I barely kept it standing up to take the picture.

Fighter Robots have the chest light to
Big Fighter Robots have the City Nimrod chest light button

An advertised feature of the big Fighter Robots is that it lights up. It has a tiny LED light in the chest that lights up by pressing a button on the lower back, the same as the City Nimrods. The light works just as well as long as the battery isn’t dead. Unfortunately, if the battery is dead and you really want that chest light action, you’re going to have to open the action figure. There’s not battery compartment, the action figure is the battery compartment.

Fighter Robots Fighting
Big Fighter Robots Fight

The big Fighter Robots come with a big axe and a big shield. The hands have the tiny holes in them to hold the axe and shield. They can hold the axe in two ways(see above), the black fighter holding it one way and the grey fighter holding it the other.

Mini Fighter Robots
Mini Fighter Robots
These guys were in the same packOnly the arms move on the mini Fighter RobotsThe mini Fighter Robots come in a pack of two, but they are roughly half the size of the large ones. These guys have a different look to them, they remind me of something out of a Japanese cartoon.

Not only has the size of the mini robots been halved, so has the posability. The arms are attached differently than the arms on the large Fighter Robots so they can be moved in the standard fashion. The arms are the only posable appendage on these guys, the legs are fixed and can’t be moved.

The mini Fighter Robots have chest lights to
Mini Fighter Robots have the Batman action figure chest light button

The mini fighter robots also have the chest lights just like their big brothers. These lights are operated from the lower back as well, although the button is replaced by more of a flap that when pushed makes the light on their chest turn on. It’s the same flap found on the Batman action figure. I guess fortunately, all of the lights worked just as well as the Batman and City Nimrod’s lights worked.

Mini Fighter Robots Fighting
Mini Fighter Robots Fight To

The mini Fighter Robots get a weapon and a shield to. Each one comes with a sword instead of an axe and a lamer looking shield. Unlike the axe, the sword only fits in the hand hold one way, but it’s the good way. The hand on one of them wasn’t able to hold the sword since the hand hole wasn’t drilled properly.

Fighter Robot Family
The Fighter Robot Family

I can’t help but imagine one of those early Saturday Night Live skits back in the day announced by the late Phil Hartman, “It’s the Fight Robot Family”.

Optimus Prime Transformer

Optimus Prime’s HeadFirst there was the Marvel Spiderman knock off City Nimrod, next was the knock off of DC’s Batman action figure and now, the knock off version of Hasbro’s Transformer Optimus Prime.

You’ll note the picture of just the head of the knock off Optimus on the left there. No I didn’t take it apart in that sense. Removing the head is all part of the design of this Dollarama toy.

Before we talk about the removing head design, here are the two next to each other for comparison.

Dollar Store Optimus Prime Real Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime’s Ion Blaster and Energy AxeYou can see the differences, but you should also see the similarities. The head is close, the limbs are similar and the front is just about the same. The weapons included with the Dollarama version are copies of the weapons the real Optimus Prime has, even the axe.

The axe included is for the rarely seen energy, or energon, axe Optimus uses. The axe replaces Optimus’ fist in the cartoon, but this knock off has it fitting right into the weapon holding hole on the fist, and that’s ok, but it also brings me to my next point. This is the first of the dollar store action figures I have reviewed that can actually hold the weapons and accessories included with them, so you can see how this is a big deal. Cheap toy or not, if it is supposed to have a weapon fit in the hand, make the weapon able fit in the hand please.

Well, since this is a transforming action figure, let’s see how you go about transforming this robot into a truck.

Transforming the Dollar Store Optimus Prime into a Truck
Steps Step 1

  1. Take off the head
  2. Take off the arms
  3. Twist the legs 180 degrees
  4. Bend the feet down and the legs back 90 degrees
  5. Look at the removed head and arms and wonder what you will do with them
First Step: Remove the Head
Step 2 Step 3
Second Step: Remove the Arms Third Step: Twist the Lower Body 180 Degrees
Step 4
Fourth Step: Bend the Feet Straight Down and Bend the Legs Back
Step 5
Fifth Step: Look at the Removed Pieces and Wonder

I am still trying to figure out why you are supposed to remove anything from something that is supposed to be a transformer, except for the weapons. Removing the head and arms in order to make it look like the truck instead of rearranging them makes it only half of a transformer, the other half being a rip apart stress toy.

Here is what it would look like if you only “transformed” it.

Transformed Without Removing the Arms and Head Front View Transformed Without Removing the Arms and Head Side View
I’d hate to see this thing drive by, or worse yet, trailing me on the highway.

Oh, and some other minor points

  • There’s a chest light, but it’s not as good as the City Nimrod or Batman chest lights. It turns on with a button at the front, not the back
  • The red chassis paint is very shiny so most likely full of lead(not actually tested, just figured)
  • The wheels don’t work, so it doesn’t work well as a truck
  • It’s less than meets the eye

Not a Recent Toy
Transport Transformer PackagePictured right is the package I found at the Dollarama. I came across the same Optimus at the Scary Crayon website and that post was made back in December 2006. These things have been around for quite a while. I thought they were new since the wall at the Dollarama was covered in these, and the slight model and color differences, but the only thing that is new about them is the package.

The old package has them called Transformatrix. Don’t believe me? Check out the Optimus at Scary Crayon to see the old package and the other variations, but ultimately the same thing.

If you’re a good painter, and that ain’t me, you can even take one of these and paint it like the real Optimus Prime. You could turn this version of Optimus Prime into a convincing, real Optimus Prime. I didn’t do that, I’m not that good of a painter to paint that well. Kudos to any individual who could do that.

11 Inch Army Soldier Accessory Set

11 Inch Army GuyWell, it looks like the 11 inch army guy is going to get a makeover. I found an equipment pack for 11 inch army soldiers at a new dollar store I went to. I have not seen any other 11, 11.5 or 12 inch army figures at any of the dollar stores I have been to since the first one I picked up, so you can probably imagine my surprise when I actually found an accessory set for one. They didn’t give him anything good in the original package so they make you have to spend another buck on better gear and equipment.

Here’s the rundown of the old and new equipment.

Photo Equipment List
11 Inch Army Guy’s Old Uniform Old Gear Includes:

  • Crappy Looking Camouflage Jump Suit
  • Cloth Hat
  • Cloth Belt
  • Two Unmatching boots
11 Inch Army Guy’s New Clothes and Gear New Gear Include:

  • Better Looking Camouflage Jump Suit
  • Plastic Helmet
  • Plastic Belt
  • Two Matching Boots
  • Machine Gun

Aside from the machine gun, which is new, everything else is just an upgraded version of what he already had. Well, I suppose getting a gun from not having a gun could be an upgrade.

Have a look at the new look compared to the old.

11 Inch Army Guy Old Look 11 Inch Army Guy New Look

Looking a bit more credible now, he’s done away with his old gear and wears the new gear. Still looks too happy though.

Super Hero Batman Action Figure

Another cheap action figure I found at one of the dollar stores is the Super Hero Batman action figure. He has a different costume design, no cape and gold dust designs on his black suit. He also comes with a gigantic bow and arrow with 2 suction cup dart arrows. The bow is colored the same way as the suit.

That’s typical of Batman though, marking his toys with his own logos and symbols.

The Package
Batman PackageBatman should get on his Bat Computer and look up a few copyright laws, Spiderman’s spider sense must be tingling at this point and Superman has a new vulnerability. Like the cheap Spiderman action figure City Nimrods, the Batman action figure package has several characters on it. Spiderman, Superman and even a Power Ranger are included on the package along with the less prominent Batman photo from Batman and Robin. Oh and why is Robin on the right side of Batman’s chest?

Robin on Batman’s chestIt doesn’t even matter that Batman is DC, Spiderman is Marvel and Power Rangers are, well, neither DC or Marvel.

Both the Spiderman and Batman on the package pictures have a flash on their chest. That’s the light both the City Nimrod and this Batman have as an additional unmentioned feature. Batman I can see having a light like that on his suit with all the gadgets he has, but Spiderman? I think a little lightning bug got into the mix of genetically altered spiders. It would suck to have to press your lower back to get it to work since that is where the button to turn it on is located.

The Batman Action Figure

Batman Action Figure ContentsThis Batman action figure was most likely made at the same place as the City Nimrods. They both have the same right and left hand pose(that can’t hold what they came with) and come with weapons that really don’t make sense for the characters they are supposed to be. They both have a working chest light however, the Super Hero Batman action figure has a giant hole in the back of his head. Why? I don’t know.

Batman’s both hands Batman’s chest light Hole in Batman’s head

Batman and City Nimrod action figures
Batman is a little short compared to B-Rod and R-Rod.

The Bow and Arrow
Batman’s Bow and ArrowThe bow itself is the same black and gold as Batman’s costume. The trouble is, this bow is way too big for the action figure to hold in either hand and it feels about the same weight as the figure to. This is just like the Nimrods who could not hold their weapons very well, but at least the weapons they had were proportionate to the figures. What good is this bow and arrow for Batman?

Bow as big as BatmanThe bow and arrow is almost as tall as the figure and he can’t really hold it so what is the point? It is almost like one of those miniature desktop items. I can actually use it myself. These darts don’t stick though. It was these kinds of darts I was thinking of when I thought the darts from the SWAT air dart gun set wouldn’t work. Even when I push them against a flat surface, like a window, they fall down after a couple seconds.

It should be marketed as the Joker’s desktop bow and arrow set with a Batman rip off knock down target.