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Super Hero Meeting Power Weapon

What an extremely complicated name for just a toy sword. In addition to that, they seem to be going with super hero in the title again like it’s the only way a kid will want the toy. I wouldn’t call a sword a power weapon because most of the power comes from the person holding it. I would consider a power weapon to be more like a blaster or rocket launcher. So the sword was shoved into some cardboard and then put into a plastic bag with a cardboard top to hang it on the shelf. They had to do this because the handle was blocking the hole on the piece of cardboard the sword was shoved into. This wouldn’t allow for more than one on the shelf at a time. It was still excessive packaging. After removing it from the plastic bag and undoing a twist tie, I was able to remove it from the cardboard sleeve it was placed in. It was only after I removed it that I could see the entire title of the toy. I could see the “Super Hero” part, but couldn’t quite make out the rest for sure until I removed the sword. The package itself is in the shape of one kind of badge. Here is a picture of it compared to the bow and arrow toy I reviewed before. It’s a big toy for the size of a kid. The sword was only $1.29 which makes it a really good cheap toy, but it would probably be better suited toward “air” fighting than actually hitting something with it. I wouldn’t call it flimsy, but it would probably break pretty fast if it was used to hit things. At the end of the day, it’s just a sword. There is nothing super hero, meeting or power weapon about it. That isn’t to say a sword isn’t cool or that it isn’t a cool looking sword, but the name is just too...

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