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Wildlife Collection Sea Creatures

A friend gave me a betta a couple years ago in one of those betta starter kits. I never had a betta before, let alone any fish. He died on August 4, 2007. I could see it coming because he was out of it for the last month. He was always staying at the bottom and no treatments seemed to work. Most people did not think he would even last a week or month. The first month I got him, all he did was hang around the bottom. He did not even eat anything the first month from what I could tell, but the transition for them is usually very traumatic. Despite the doubt people had in either the betta’s will to live or being in my care, he ended up living for 23 months. Take that, all you doubting Toms and Tinas. R.I.P. Mr B. September 6th, 2005 – August 4th, 2007 Anyway, now I am left with an empty betta fish bowl that I have no idea what to do with. Do I get rid of it? There is not much I can do with it unless I get another betta, but I’m not sure if I want to do that. Then I saw it at the local Buck or Two – the undersea wildlife collection. I could put those into the betta fish bowl! Wow, look at em all. Only a dollar! I should have this framed! The wildlife collection comes with several sea creatures, several seaweed items and a background. The toy sea creatures are a dolphin, killer whale, shark, seahorse, crab and a lobster. There is 1 green growth and 2 white growths with orange tops. This would be a great use for my now-useless betta fish bowl. Tape the background to the wall, place the growths with the plastic plants and green gravel I already had, fill it with some water and dump in the sea wildlife. There you have it, an instant aquarium without the necessary upkeep of living fish. The next reality show, sea creatures in a small container together. The seahorse looks dead and the killer whale is a little chummy with the dolphin. Sure, they are not very lively, but neither was my betta when I first got him so the experience is about the same. This might be a good testing ground for the grow capsules I...

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