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Transforming Dinotron Robot Tyranno Tron

So here it is, the last Dinotron on the list, and you didn’t have to wait over a month to get it. Again, sorry about that.

I tried to save the best for last, but everyone has their own favorite. This Dinotron is a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur called is Tyranno Tron. At least, I think it’s supposed to be a Tyrannosaurus, it doesn’t really look like the usual T Rex you might think of. Now Grimlock, one of the Transformer Dinobots, looks like the T Rex he’s supposed to be.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex form of Tyranno Tron
Tyranno Tron in Dino Form

The figure is kind of awkward, not having a good center of balance. If you stand it straight up makes it look up at the sky and leaning it forward tends to make it fall over.

Another thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the pair of guns sticking out of the cheeks of the dinosaur head. I would think that would make it very hard for the dinosaur to chomp down on anything very big with guns in the way.

Watch the Transformation
The “cooler than the rest looking” robot form of Tyranno Tron
Tyranno Tron in Robot Form

The robot form is probably the coolest looking of all the Dinotrons. The Tyrannosaurus arms swing back and they remind me of wings. It also stands much better in this form.

The cheek guns are removable and fit in the fist holes in the hands of the robot form and the legs can be pulled to extend them. I forgot to pull the legs out before I took the picture so it’s actually taller than the picture shows, but not by much.

So that’s it for the Dinotrons. Too bad they didn’t have a Dinotron Pteranodon like Swoop from the Dinobots. I mean, they already had the other four.

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