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Batman Cell Phone Toy

Batman has a wide variety of tools and gadgets that he uses to fight crime. Batman always has just the right gadget to get out of any situation. Things like the Batarang, Bat-cuffs, Bat-bolas, Bat-hook and Bat-laser. It seems “bat” in the name of every gadget Batman has. Here is the dollar store version of a cell phone with Batman. If Batman had a cell phone Bat Cell Phone, it probably wouldn’t look like this and it probably would not have his picture on it. Do kids expect to be Batman playing with this?

Batman Cell Phone PackageThe first thing that struck me as odd is the title “Super Hero Evil Killer”. It doesn’t include the name Batman but the package includes various pictures of the caped crusader. Secondly, I never really knew of Batman as being an evil killer. Sure, he fought crime and, of course, some villains died while Batman tried to stop them but, come on, he didn’t set out to kill them. He’s not the Punisher. Then again, the Punisher is an anti-hero. Super heroes tend not to try and kill the bad guys. When you think about that, the title is really a contradiction in terms.

Batman Cell PhoneThe Batman phone comes with the phone and a couple watch batteries. You have to put the batteries in yourself but that is a good thing. For one, you can see if the batteries are already leaking so you won’t have to deal with them at home. Secondly, you won’t have to worry about the crappy batteries wearing out too soon by a try me function. Sure, it’s great to know how they sound but the batteries wear out doing it.

Like all toy mobile phones, the numbered keys make sounds when you press them. Too bad they don’t each make their own sound though. It operates the same way the Spiderman flip cell phone does by cycling through the same four sounds, which is actually two less than the Spiderman one.

The Spiderman cell phone is a flip phone and the Batman cell phone has a spring action slide cover. Press the release button and the cover slides up to show the number keypad. Let’s see how they stack up next to each other.

Batman Phone and Spiderman Phone
They’re about the same size when closed.

Batman Phone and Spiderman Phone Opened
The Spiderman phone is longer but the Batman phone is cooler.

It could just be me, and sometimes it is, but I don’t think Batman would have this as a ringtone on his bat cell phone.

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