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Army Forces Play Set

This is the 40 piece Army Forces Play Set. This is a play set because none of the pieces move. If they did move, they would be action figures. Instead, you get two groups of army figures, brown and green. There are also landscape and army built pieces. You get some trees, sand bag walls and barbed wire fences.

Let’s take a look at all the pieces!

Both the brown and green armies have soldiers with the same equipment and weapons, although they don’t necessarily have the same number of those soldiers in both.

Team Matching Guys
Brown Team
Green Team
Aiming Brown Army Guy Aiming Green Army Guy
1 Pistol and Binocular Soldier 2 Pistol and Binocular Soldiers
Communications Brown Army Guy Communications Green Army Guy
2 Communication Soldiers 3 Communication Soldiers
Crawling Brown Army Guy Crawling With Gun Green Army Guy
1 Crawling Soldier 2 Crawling Soldiers
Kneeling Brown Army Guy Kneeling Green Army Guy
1 Kneeling Rifle Soldier 1 Kneeling Rifle Soldier
Mine Detector Brown Army Guy Mine Detector Green Army Guy
2 Mine Detector Soldiers 2 Mine Detector Soldiers

The following brown and green army soldiers are unique to their platoon. This somewhat makes things interesting since both armies don’t consist of exact number and types.

Team Exclusive Guys
Brown Team
Green Team
Mortar Brown Army Guy Rocket Launcher Green Army Guy
2 Mortar Launching Soldiers 1 Rocket Launching Soldier
Crouching Brown Army Guy Crawling and Aiming Green Army Guy
1 Crouching Soldier 2 Lying Down Aiming Soldiers
Rifle Brown Army Guy
2 Rifle Soldiers N/A
Total: 12 Total: 13

There’s eight brown army soldier types and only seven green army soldier types, but the green army has more soldiers. Frankly, the three communication guys on the green team don’t make up the difference.

Here are the terrain items the play set comes with.

Defense Items
Army Forces Play Set Tree Army Forces Play Set Defense
4 Trees 2 Sandbag Walls & 10 Barbed Fences
Total: 4 Total: 12
12 Brown Guys + 13 Green Guys + 4 Trees + 12 Walls & Fences = 41

As you can see from the tally of pieces, I got the bonus pack of 41 over the stated 40. There’s a good chance all of those packages will contain varying soldiers and quantities of each soldier.

They’re also colored plastic than heavily painted toys so there’s less chance of them having too much lead in them.

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