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Dollar Plus Replacing Dollar Bazaar

There seems to be a new business opening up in the plaza where the Dollar Bazaar closed down. As luck would have it, the new business moving in is going to be another dollar store called Dollar Plus.

I don’t know why the other dollar store closed, although I have a pretty good guess as to why, but isn’t it a little odd to open a similar business in the same spot the similar business failed?

It’s going to be a small dollar store which means the prices are going to be higher than other places like Dollarama and Buck or Two so I guess you can’t even really call it a dollar store. It would be more of a discount store. Maybe the plus will refer to the extra money everything will cost.

I actually didn’t look to see when it was supposed to open for business but I will definitely check it out once it does open to see if they have any interesting knockoffs, bootleg or any other funny or interesting toys.

Maybe these guys will have better luck in that spot being a dollar store than the last store, but only time will tell with that one.

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