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Local Dollar Bazaar Store Closes

Well this is, kind of, disappointing. I was walking by the Dollar Bazaar by my work the other day and I noticed the neon “open” sign it has hanging up wasn’t lit. Upon closer inspection, there was some legal notice on the door (which humorously reminded me of my law class last semester) and it was something along the lines of the store owing over 10,000 dollars.

The Dollar Bazaar was the dollar store where I got such toys as the New Concept Bike, City Nimrod, the Battle Tops and the Mobile Phone with the leaking batteries. It was also the place I got some yet to be posted items such as the Space Wars Lightsaber, Soldier Force Paratrooper and the Army 9mm Auto gun, like the SWAT gun, only army. Oh, I also got some funny coloring and activity books, the Superfriends and Star Wars.

I am really trying to find the time and energy to post those other toys but I have been so busy with school and work for the past while.

All this does is takes away some of the convenience I had of getting unique toys since many of them I have never seen anywhere else. It was just like when there was the dollar section at my work which was eventually rearranged into something else.

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