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Plastic Bowling Set

A bowling pin with two bowling ballsHere is the Sunny Dayz(this is the actual brand spelling, not a typo) bowling set, but this isn’t just any bowling set, it’s the bowling set that sparked the creation of this website about dollar store toys. Sadly, the dollar section in the store I found the bowling set has been phased out slowly, replaced by more room to place normal store specials. Other toys found at this dollar section are the popular SWAT Force dart gun, the Build A Copter helicopter, Labyrinth Game Challenger and others.

The bowling set comes with ten hollow plastic bowling pins and two hollow plastic bowling balls. The red stripe on the bowling pins is just a piece of red tape, not red paint, which is a good thing since the red paint might have had lead in it. The bowling balls have three indentations for the finger holes.

The bowling set with ten pins and two balls A bowling pin and bowling ball compared to the City Nimrod

When compared to the blue City Nimrod, you can see that the bowling pins are several inches tall and the bowling balls are a couple inches tall. As for it working, you set the pins up and you roll the balls at the pins to knock them down, you can’t really go wrong with that.

My only complaint is that the bowling balls weigh about as much as the bowling pins. Typically, a bowling ball weighs more than a single bowling pin, helping it to knock down the pins. The bowling balls have a tiny hole so you could fill them with sand or something to give them some extra power. On the other hand, for a prank, you could fill the pins with sand since they have tiny holes in them. The bowling balls won’t have a chance at knocking the pins over no matter how hard you roll it. It just doesn’t weigh enough.

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