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Toy Boxes

Toy boxes are places to put toys into when they are done being played with. Unfortunately, having a place to put toys when they aren’t being played with doesn’t mean they will end up there, as countless parents can probably attest to. The parents are the ones usually having to put the toys in the toy box themselves. They get it for the kids for them to put the toys away, but they are the ones having to put the toys away.

Also called toy chests, they can be as simple as a wooden box with a lid to something that attaches to another piece of furniture, like at the end of a bed, or even be furniture themselves as some double as a toy box and act as a bench for sitting. This makes them a little bit more useful than just taking up space in a room.

One can find an assortment of toy boxes that have any number of designs on them. Anything you can think of, most likely popular, to fit the child’s interest. For example, a Dora the Explorer themed toy box for a girl or a cool Transformers themed toy box for a boy. Whether it’s an interest based toy box or just a toy box to fit the color scheme of a room, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

With enough carpentry skill, you could probably find plans for a toy box to make yourself. This could possibly save you money, but it’s more likely to give a more unique and custom design to the toy box if you can’t find it anywhere else.

The only problem is, on this site, we have a tendency on dealing with toys that likely wouldn’t last long enough to make it to a toy box when they are done being played with. Even if they do make it to the toy box, perhaps they would get broken when put in the toy box with other toys thrown on top.

In any event, dollar store toys do end up in some sort of box if not a toy box, if you count the trash can as a box.

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