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100th DSTB Post

This is it, the 100th post for Dollar Store Toy Box. I thought I would have hit that mark a long time ago, but this is only a side project. Regardless, I finally made it.

It’s kind of cheesy to announce a milestone posting on a website, I mean it’s not like a TV show lasting 100 episodes without being cancelled, but you only hit the 100 post count once per website under normal operation. Besides, how is this post any cheesier than the toys?

Looking Back
The site was originally going to be about the silly toys you get at the dollar stores. Unfortunately, it was shortly after setting up this website that many toys were starting to get recalled. I started posting some toy recall information and other toy news of note that caught my eye, like the toys being made into movies announcements.

For a laugh, this is what the site used to look like.

Old Dollar Store Toy Box Look

I figured it would fit the quality of the toys and such, a dollar design as it were. Then I got frustrated because I couldn’t get the side bars to work right so I found the current design.

All of the toys are cheaply made to keep them at their low price and many of the toys are bootleg, knock off or rip offs of popular toys to capitalize on the success of the toys they’re copying. It’s funny to see what cheap bootlegs you can find at the dollar and discount stores.

Moving Forward

New Look
I’m looking into changing this design to something else if I can sort out what I want, so don’t get confused if the look changes. I just want to get something that helps people find stuff easier. A design with two or more sidebars should help with that.

Toy Videos
It’s tough to really get an idea on how something works just by reading what I say, even with pictures. I have a few toy videos up on how some of the toys work so far, but they are mostly toys with sounds instead of uploading sound files to listen to individually.

I plan on putting up more videos of the toys in action and some original videos.

Flash Games
Hopefully you’ve tried out the Labyrinth Flash Game Challenger, based on the Labyrinth Game Challenger. It truly captures the frustration of playing with the real thing. Unfortunately, it’s the only game I’ve made so far, but I’m hoping to add more to that list.

Those are just some of the things to look forward to moving on and as always, constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome.

I hope it doesn’t take another couple years to get to 200.

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