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Dollar Store Locators

Many discount and dollar stores will have a website and when they open enough stores in enough provinces and/or states, they will most likely set up a store locator for those who wish to find a store near them, or a store from a randomly picked place. Stores want you to be able to find them.

I decided to put together a list of all the store locators for all the dollar and discount stores I can find. Some of them ask for a postal code/zip code while others have a map of Canada or the United States of America where you can select your province and drill down to the closest location.

For now they are in alphabetical order, but I might set up some way of listing them in order of popularity.

99 Cent Only Store

Go to the 99 Cent Only Store Locator
Has stores in many states in the USA and the locator lets you search by zip code, state or city and to search within a radius as low as 10 miles or as high as 250.

Buck or Two

Go to the Buck of Two Store Locator
Lets you select a Canadian province and then a city in the province that has a Buck or Two store.

Dollar Discount Stores of America

Go to the Dollar Discount Stores of America Store Locator
Showing a map of the USA, when you hover over the states, it shows a list of cities with a store. It seems broken though since you can’t get an exact address and for having 140 stores, most states list “none” and others show one, maybe two, stores at most.

Dollar General

Go to the Dollar General Store Locator
Enter either the zip code or a city and state pairing to get Dollar General store location near the selected area.

Dollar Giant

Go to the Dollar Giant Store Locator
Select a province in Canada and you get a list of stores in the selected province, if any.

Dollar Tree

Go to the Dollar Tree Store Locator
Enter a city/state pairing or the zip code with the added option of listing stores within a certain radius(10, 25, 50 or 100 miles)


Go to the Dollarama Store Locator
Use your postal code or select your city on the list and get a listing of stores in the selected area. Uses Google maps for the easy visual.

Family Dollar

Go to the Family Dollar Store Locator
Search by zip code or use your city with your state to find store locations.

Great Canadian Dollar Store

Go to the Great Canadian Dollar Store Locator
You select your province and then you get a list of stores for the province in alphabetical order by city.

Your Dollar Store with More

Go to the Your Dollar Store with More Store Locator
From a map of Canada, select a province and it tells you how many stores are in the province and an alphabetical list of stores in each city with a street name and phone number are displayed.

Feel free to send along an email and let me know of any I missed. I found a good starting list, but I doubt I got them all since I need to know of a store name to search for before I can find out whether or not they have a store locator.

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