Reviews of Cheap Toys and More

Cheap Toys

Like many things, when you hear of cheap toys, it can have more than one definition depending on who you ask as it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

The first reference to cheap toys is real good quality made toys that are cheap in price, inexpensive. People are always looking for deals and they often look for cheap toys hoping to find popular toys for an inexpensive price, possibly sale or store just offering it for less than other stores. This would be hoping to get the new top of the line Transformers figures from the new movie and comparing the price from several stores, online and retail.

The second way to think about cheap toys is the cheaply made, poor quality, break if you play with them too hard or too long toys. Dollar store toys are in the cheaply made and poor quality category in that they are made in the cheapest way possible and they sacrifice quality and durability because they are intended to be sold at a very cheap price at dollar, discount stores and some pharmacies, which is good because you can pick up some first aid supplies when you hurt yourself with the toys.

There is a third middle ground for cheap toys to think about as well. Toys that aren’t as poorly made as dollar store toys(not the really bad one) but also not that great as the good ones and those are also cheaper than the good ones because they aren’t as good so they would be considered cheap toys. Think of getting a Gobot over an actual Transformer. Gobots aren’t as good as Transformers but they also aren’t as bad as dollar store toys. Well they could be as bad as dollar store toys, but you couldn’t get them for a dollar before.

So what is your cheap toy fancy? Good but inexpensive, somewhere between good and bad or the cheapest of the cheap toys, dollar store toys.

At least when the dollar store cheap toys break, which is all but certain, you can easily write them off as no big deal because they were cheap. It sucks when you break something good and want to replace it for a larger amount of cash.

Unfortunately, I can’t direct you where to find any cheap toys specifically because it’s too broad of a thing to be looking for. You could be looking for anything and this page would be massive to try to account for everything.

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