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Super DC Heroes Color And Activity Book

This is the second in the coloring and activity book trilogy I got a hold of from the no longer open Dollar Bazaar. After posting a number of funny activities from the Friends of the Force book, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to show some funny activities from another book. With the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie coming out eventually, this was the better of the two choices for the next book to be featured. I always liked Batman and Superman, but was never really into the Flash, Green Lantern or Aquaman. I do enjoy the Big Bang Theory and all of the stuff they do with them. Then again, they cast Jason Momoa as Aquaman and he looks pretty awesome. Much like the Star Wars Friends of the Force book, there are all sorts of activities to do such as mazes and every page can be colored so grab your crayons, pencil crayons, markers or whatever you want and go nuts. With 400 easy tear out pages, you’ll be kept busy for quite some time unless you don’t like coloring. Most of the pages are just coloring...

Star Wars Friends Of The Force Activity Book

So this isn’t actually a toy but it is something kids would have fun with, probably more so than a toy. This is a book I got from the no longer around Dollar Bazaar. This is the Star Wars coloring and activity book with 400 pages of coloring fun and it includes galactic-size activities. The Friends of the Force subtitle of the book sounds like something Disney might call the Star Wars Episode 7 movie they plan to make out after buying LucasFilm from George Lucas. Usually books go with the heroes prominently on the cover, but this time they went with Darth Vader, arguably the baddest character in the Star Wars universe. The book focuses on Star Wars Episodes 1 and 4 with a few references to 6. The book has no flow whatsoever and is in almost no chronological order. Early on you get to color the ending scene from Episode 4 with them getting their medals only to find you have to do some activity to beat the death star in the first place several pages later. After that you move on to Episode 1 which I guess isn’t too far from what happened in real life. Maybe they started working on an Episode 4 book, put it aside and then when Episode 1 came out, they slapped it all together with relevant Episode 1 material to sell it. None of the pages in the book are colored, leaving that fun to the kids, including the activities on some pages. Activities include simple drawing exercises like finishing a picture or drawing a character from scratch using a grid to word games like word searches, crosswords and making words to fun activities like mazes and dot games. There are also plenty of multiple choice activities which include picking who the character is to picking the “square” that fits the picture and the solutions to pretty much everything, except the mazes, are at the bottom of the page upside down. It also mentions having tear and share pages, but who would want to tear them out of the book? Overall, this is likely to keep kids busy for a while if they like coloring. Just make sure they have plenty of crayons or pencil crayons to color...

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