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Your Friendly Neighborhood City Nimrod

No matter how hard they try to make something look new and original, sometimes it just does not work. Worse is the name they give these altered Spiderman toy action figures. What kind of name is City Nimrod? All I can say is poor Spiderman. I don’t know what Spiderman did to deserve this. Maybe people were disappointed with Spiderman 3.

City Nimrod Package Title

The package includes pictures of Spiderman, Batman, Spiderman on a Beyblade, Batgirl, Spiderman with the black suit, Batman Beyond, Batman Beyond, the animated series Batman and the 11 inch Army Guy.

City Nimrod Package City Nimrod Package Picture Collage

Ok, the 11 inch Army Guy isn’t really on the package, I just needed to fill that space. This is quite the assembly of well known characters all on one box. There is no need for Batman to be on the cover when both characters are based on Spiderman. That is not even including the fact that Spiderman is with Marvel and Batman is with DC.

City Nimrods Red and Blue
There are 2 toy action figures in there. The one is the red guy that, despite the slight costume differences, is obviously Spiderman. The second guy is a blue version. I don’t know who he is supposed to be. Possibly the black suit Spiderman only, um, blue or maybe Venom. Maybe this is the Spiderman version of Batman Beyond, Spidermen Beyond but call them City Nimrod.
City Nimrod Sai and Web ShieldThere are 2 pieces of equipment that comes in the package so at least they are better off than the 11 inch army guy.

The first one is a Sai. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this weapon, it is the weapon Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles uses. Why Spiderman or Venom/Black Suit would use a Sai I have no idea.The second is a defensive web shield. On the positive side, it is something the real Spiderman is more likely to use, but it is not really a weapon. He can still block to his heart’s content; that is, unless he was trying to block a stabbing motion. It might get through one of the many holes in the web shield.

City Nimrod’s Weapon Doesn’t FitThe problem is, the handy holes in the fist don’t actually hold the weapons. The weapons were just not made for them. The only way you can get them to fit is to slide them between the fingers of the open hand. Well, at least it leaves their other fist free to lay the beats down on each other. Just don’t expect them to keep a good hold on their weapons unless you jam them in and glue them on.

City Nimrod Holding Weapons Front View
Oh wait, you can’t see what the Blue Nimrod is actually holding. Let me turn him….

City Nimrod Holding Weapons Side View
….there you go.

Something that’s not mentioned on the package is what the clear circle in the center of the chest is for. It turns out it is a little LED light that is operated from a switch in the back. I guess a lightning bug got into the mix of genetically altered spiders. This feature is on both of the figures.
City Nimrod Light and Button
The button in the back lights up the chest.
The chest light in action

City Nimrod Red Lighting Up
Look at the body light up.

City Nimrod Blue Lighting Up
Unlike Red Nimrod, Blue’s body doesn’t glow.

I needed to turn the flash off when I took the picture because it completely whites out the light. It is actually not a bad light for a bonus feature. I have no clue what is powering those lights. Since there is no mention of them having the lights, there is no mention of what exactly powers the lights. One of these days I will take them apart and find out what is powering them.There, a pair of Nimrods courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Dollar Store Toy Box.

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4 Responses to “Your Friendly Neighborhood City Nimrod”

  1. jamEs says:

    Maybe City Nimrod came before Spiderman and that’s where Stan Lee got the idea on a tour of Chinese toy factories back in the 1960’s.

  2. Rae says:

    1. I say the makers of Spiderman sue em, because my three year old thought it was Spiderman.
    2. My two year old seems to think the blue one is blue because he is “frozen ice Spiderman”.
    3. If ice spiderman stabs regular knock off spiderman, that shield ain’t doing him much good haha.

  3. Haha! I love it! Nice find! I would also assume that the blue Spidey is a knock off Symbiote costume in order to cash on on Spidey 3. Man, those figures look horrible, though! And that useless light feature is amazingly powerful! Nice review!!

  4. Mark says:

    Ok I haven’t heard the word “nimrod” in a long time but I thought it was an insult….so I looked it up on

    –noun 1. the great-grandson of Noah: noted as a great hunter. Gen. 10:8–10.
    2. (sometimes lowercase) a person expert in or devoted to hunting.

    nim·rod (nĭm’rŏd’) n.
    1. also Nimrod A hunter.
    2. Informal–A person regarded as silly, foolish, or stupid.

    Ok so I am guessing that they meant that this bootleg toy is a “Great City Hunter”…or possibly “Stupid Guy in the City” — You make the call.


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