Reviews of Cheap Toys and More

Toy Video Clips

Sometimes picture are just not enough to show how the toys work so I will be including videos of the toys in action, as time permits, to better show how they work.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these videos are worth 30000 words a second… but knock off about 29000 because they are about dollar store toys.

The number of toy clips has tripled since I last added a video to this page, but I have been adding videos to my Youtube channel so there was more to watch than was what here. You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel from the button near the top of the side bar. Any videos I post will be there first.

For ease of viewing, I have broken up the videos into groups so it isn’t just one long page of videos to scroll through.

Cell Phones and Other Handheld Devices – I have shown a wide variety of cell phone and handheld devices which I have posted videos of. Go here to view all of the videos in one place.

Toy Guns and Other Artillery – This is the page for all toy gun and other artillery testing. Find out how they work, or don’t work, all on this page.

Sports and Gaming – Not necessarily for normal sporting gear, but not excluding such gear, this page is for all handheld or tabletop sport and gaming toys.

Transformers – Videos here contain anything that transforms from a robot to something else or something along those lines. For starters, check out the Dinotrons.

More categories will be added as more videos are made. Keep an eye out for new releases.

Any requests for a video on a toy I have only posted pictures on will be considered and if it would be useful, I’ll make a video. For example, I have not made a video of the skateboard racer toys yet and that would be good video to test them and to show how they work, but the wildlife sea creatures wouldn’t make much sense unless I’m throwing them in the garbage. They don’t do anything.

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