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Spiderman Mobile Flip Phone Toy

Spiderman is fighting back by releasing his own better, safer model of toy phone. Anyway, this is another find at the same dollar store, the Spiderman cellular flip phone. Unlike the toy mobile phone, this one is not painted. It is just colored plastic but they colored it with the Spiderman colors blue and red. No paint means no lead paint. It also has just the cutest little pink wrist strap.

Spiderman Flip Phone Package Title
Ok, why is “Spider-Man” in the title dripping blood?

Spiderman Flip Phone ClosedThis is also a battery operated cell phone but this time is uses the smaller watch type batteries, not 2 double A, and they are not already inside the phone. They are packaged so you can see them, that way if they looked damaged you can avoid them.This one also lists features.

  • Talking Phone
  • Different languages or melody for your choice
  • Real telephone sounds

Spiderman Phone Ringing
“My Spider-phone is ring-a-ling”
This one is also a “Try Me!” phone but there are 2 major things wrong with that. First of all, the phone is packaged so that the flip part is down preventing any button pressing whatsoever. The second is the fact that the 2 batteries are not even in the phone to try it. There is no pull tab is visible from the back of the package anywhere. Ok fine, maybe the ones I see are extras but I still can’t press buttons to try it. If they are the only batteries, at least I know they are not used already so I don’t have to get new ones.Spiderman Flip Phone next to a NokiaI take it out of the package and measure it up to my real Nokia phone. Looks like they are about the same size. I then check out where to put the batteries. I open up the casing and find no batteries inside. So the 2 batteries were the only ones. I look at the back of the casing for the proper placement of the batteries. What I need 3 batteries? I only got 2. Well that sucks. I have nowhere else to put the batteries so I will just put them in. Wow, not only is there only enough room 2, those 2 fit nicely and the phone actually works now which is good so you don’t need to go out and buy another battery to get this toy phone to work.

Toy Spiderman Phone Back Cover
Show 3 battery icons and says 3.

Toy Spiderman Phone Back Cover Off
Only 2 fit. Someone goofed on that one.

Now, when I see a toy that makes sounds and is based on a particular thing, I would expect at least some of the sounds would reflect what it is based on. For example, this one is a Spiderman phone. I would hope, nay, expect at least one of the multiple sounds to be something related to Spiderman since they went to the trouble of using Spiderman. I don’t care if it is only a dollar store toy phone. Another thing that is common with toy phones is how each button would make a different sound. It is not to say that is necessary but would make a lot of sense.Ok, there are several different sounds but none are key specific. What do I mean by that? Press the same button twice and you will get 2 different sounds.In fact, there are 5 sounds in total and they play in a specific order. I never heard anything close to a Spiderman theme or sound and calling any of those real phone sounds is just wrong. It sounds like someone took sounds from their home and put them on.For your listening pleasure, I have included the sounds of the Spiderman Flip Phone toy in a little section I like to call DSTB Sound Bites, sounds that bite.

Spiderman Flip Phone Toy Sound Bite 1
Spiderman Flip Phone Toy Sound Bite 2
Spiderman Flip Phone Toy Sound Bite 3
Spiderman Flip Phone Toy Sound Bite 4
Spiderman Flip Phone Toy Sound Bite 5

Well at least this toy phone actually works. It could have used some actual Spiderman sounds though.I am sure this will not be the only phone to come out in dollar store toy form. It will only be a matter of time before an iPhone toy is made for kids. The only question is, would it ever make it to Canada? No, I am not talking about blocking the imports. Apparently, the iPhone Canadian release is in limbo with rumors everywhere. Hey, if they do make an iPhone toy for dollar stores, it might be the only iPhone Canadians would get here.Go figure.

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2 Responses to “Spiderman Mobile Flip Phone Toy”

  1. Rae says:

    >>>pink wrist strap

    Seriously? They could/should have picked any other color!

  2. Joyce hunt says:

    Would like a toy Spider-Man phone for grandson


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