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SWAT Force Air Dart Gun Set

Ok, here we have the SWAT Force air gun. It’s a plastic toy gun that comes with a really nice looking pistol and five suction cup darts on a belt clip. In regards to the darts, there is no chance they will stick to anything. I have seen these types of things before and the only way you can get the dart to stick is if you lick it and then shove it against a flat surface by hand. Even so, I bet the 11 inch army guy would have been happy with this instead of the nothing he got.

SWAT Force Air Dart Gun Package Title

Dart Gun, Darts and Dart Holder
Comes with all you see here. Absent: the package.

This one actually lists the website of the company that makes the SWAT Force Air Gun, so I decided to check it out. HT Toys makes a wide variety of air guns, air pistols, air shotguns and air machine guns. After browsing all the available products, I noticed I got virtually the crappiest one they made. If all of them are available at the low price of a dollar, then I now understand what the label “Der Grune Punkt” means. It means “You’ve been punked”.

The SWAT Dart Gun Sniper Scope and Punked Package Pictures
Was I punked? Where is my 9mm auto pistol sniper scope?

The “O” in SWAT Force is made to look like you are looking through a sniper scope with a thug holding a business man hostage. It is a pistol, not a sniper rifle. It is a safe bet that any target you might have would be well within range. Even if I wanted to add a sniper scope to the SWAT air gun, it is cautioned that the shooter and bullets should not be modified. There go my plans of adding a sniper scope, silencer or a loudener like Sledge Hammer used. That was a good show.

So I take the gun out and have a good laugh that the SWAT Force air gun has a sticker on the side of it “9MM AUTO”. I don’t consider something I have to load each bullet auto. Just put an unmodified air gun dart in the barrel, pull back the knob until it locks and then fire to watch in disappointment as the darts just bounce off the surface of the wall.

SWAT Force Dart Gun Loaded with a Dart
Locked and Loaded

I can’t believe it, the air gun dart actually STUCK TO THE WALL!!! I am in awe at this discovery that the dollar store air gun dart would actually stick to the wall. The backing of the darts are a harder plastic which gives it that extra force to make it stick, unlike the darts that are made solely out of the soft material. Those darts have no sticking power. So far, I have tried shooting the darts against walls, white boards and windows, and as long as it hits on a really good angle, it will stick. It also goes about 10 feet. Now, if only I got a package that had some targets like I saw at the real dollar store. This one was only from a dollar section and not a dollar store.

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