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Robot Dinosaur Transformer Stego Tron

No, the site hasn’t been abandoned. December was insane and that resulted in a five week break between posting.

The Stego Tron Dinotron transformer is the third of the four Dinotrons. The first two shown were the Bronto Tron and Tri Top Tron.

Stego Tron is a stegosaurous that you can transform into a robot. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of the Transformers Dinobot Snarl. Stego Tron, however, is no Snarl

Stego Tron in Dinosaur Form
The dinosaur form of Stego Tron

In dinosaur form, it looks just like a brown and gold stegosaurus so that’s a plus since the last one doesn’t look like the usual dinosaur it’s named after. In addition to the normal ridges on the back, Stego Tron has a twin cannon mounted right on the middle of the back.

Watch the Transformation

The Robot Form of Stego Tron
Stego Tron in robot mode

After a little bit of and very basic transforming, you have the robot form of the Stego Tron. The twin cannon aiming forward while in dinosaur mode aims up when in robot form so it’s not very helpful.

At least this one stands much better than the Tri Top Tron and it’s robot head isn’t by the dinosaurs butt.

Only one more Dinotron to go!

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