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Fun With Bugs Fly Launcher

So here’s a toy gun that was donated to be put on the site. It’s not a gun and it doesn’t use the usual style ammo for most toy guns, like the plastic BB bullets. Instead, it’s a gun-like launcher that fires little plastic flies. I guess this is the 21st century version of having fun with bugs. The way kids used to have fun with bugs involved a magnifying glass and a bright sunny day.

Fly Launcher with flies
The Launcher and 8 Flies to Catapult

You get the launcher gun and eight flies to launch at whatever you want. No targets come with it. I guess they’re assuming you’re going to fling them at girls or something. At this point I would like to point out I don’t recommend flinging them at people or animals, try an empty can or if you have them, the toy gun targets. The gun actually reminds me of brass knuckles with all those holes in them.

Loaded Fly Launcher
A fly inside the compartment

To load the gun catapult, start by pulling the trigger and holding, push the barrel side red fly holder compartment down and let go of the trigger to lock the compartment down. Put a fly into the compartment and push the compartment cover onto it. This keeps the fly inside if you want to move around with gun in hand.

Fly Launcher Ready To Fire
A loaded fly is ready to be launched

If it matters, you’ll need to be careful when closing the cover since it could damage the flies. You might take a leg or wing off. Keep in mind you could always get another one for a dollar anyway, although I doubt there are packs of replacement flies like the packs of replacement plastic BB bullets I talked about with the toy space gun.

Fly Launcher In Shotgun/Spread Fire Mode
Shotgun or Spread Fire: Results Unpredictable.

Overall, it actually works. You can also put more than one fly in the compartment, but closing it might be a problem. It’s kind of like the secondary firing of guns from first person shooter games, uses more fire power but does something more than single fire. Four flies can fit standing on their side within the compartment, but you might have trouble closing the cover.

Also, if flies are a little too “gross” for you, I did happen to see Ninja Launcher. It wasn’t at a dollar store so I didn’t pick it up, although I might check to see if it’s still there. has Ninja vs Pirate Launchers available for about $3.99.

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