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Crossbow With Darts

Bolt Holder HawkIt seems that anytime you want food to taste better you either add bacon or wrap it in bacon. Who can resist its salty goodness when you can add it to food like hamburgers and salads?

So, what does adding bacon to food to make it more desirable have to do with a dollar store toy? Well, the “add something to make it better” seems to apply to weapons as well, add a gun to a weapon to make it better.

The bow and arrow worked just fine until someone came along and thought the bow and arrow was just not cool enough on its own, so they added a gun…..and made it fire bolts instead of arrows. The crossbow was born. Want to make a weapon better? Just make it a gun and weapon hybrid.

At least it made sense with a bow and arrow since bow and arrows fire projectiles normally. It’s not like that gunblade revolver that Squall used in Final Fantasy VIII, now that was just odd.

Crossbow Contents

Crossbow bow partSo here we have another artillery toy that isn’t a gun, well not a pure gun anyway, it’s a crossbow. Actually, now that I look at it, maybe it’s just a bow and arrow set with a bonus gun included. There’s some assembly required, you put the bow on the gun, and you get four suction cupped arrows in a clip on quiver.

To the right is the bow part with an arrow loaded so you can use it either way you want, but honestly, why would you waste a perfectly good gun version crossbow of a weapon for it’s lesser counterpart the bow and arrow? Yeah, you’re going to use the crossbow, you only need one hand once it’s loaded and you look cooler holding it, because you know, it’s like a gun.

Loaded Dart Crossbow

The bow fits into a little slot and you need to match the hole in the center of the bow with the gun hole so the arrow can slide in. The string must be pulled back to a little indent that the trigger pushes up to fire the dart. You need to pull back hard to get the string around the indent, but it gives it a good amount of force when fired.

It shoots as far as the average toy dart gun and it sticks to flat surfaces.

Holding the Dart Crossbow

A word of warning, no not a lead paint warning, don’t leave the crossbow loaded for an extended period of time(like taking the pictures of the toy and leaving it loaded for weeks before writing this post). The string is just that, a string. It’s not an elastic band so if it’s stretched for an extended period of time it stays that way like when you make a stupid face for too long.

It still works but since the string is looser, it doesn’t have enough force to stick darts to anything and doesn’t go as far. It’s a shadow of its former glory now. :(

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