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Dart Cowboy Rifle

Cowboy Rifle DartsHere is another dart shooting rifle, this time it’s a cowboy rifle. Usually you see cowboys with handguns, pistols or six shooters, but some of them have rifles to. This one shoots the usual soft suction cupped darts like the dart sniper rifle and dart shotgun. Geez, I’m going to need to find some sort of dollar store gun rack for all of these.

Cowboy Rifle
No targets like the other guns, try empty cans.

The cowboy rifle only comes with a scope and three suction cupped darts like the dart sniper rifle, but it doesn’t have any targets like the dart shotgun. I don’t know why it says “COWBOY COW-BOY” on it.

Cowboy Rifle with the scope attached
With the scope attached.

The scope slides in at the top of the cowboy rifle. It took a little force to get it in properly and overall it isn’t really necessary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice addition and it looks nice on top, but it’s only for looks. There’s no magnification and there’s only a tiny hole to look through compared to the dart sniper rifle, quite irritating trying to look through.

This is also where the gun is loaded. The scope is attached to a section of the top that needs to be pulled back until it clicks, then you can fire. It’s good because it’s not some additional part like the SWAT Force dart gun with the orange pull back loader that looks dumb. On the other hand, it makes it look a little more realistic and you really don’t need people thinking it is from a distance, especially police officers.

Cowboy Rifle compared to the Dart Shotgun and Dart Sniper Rifle
Slightly bigger than the others. Not really a factor.

Well, it’s a decent sized toy gun, considering it was only one dollar. It’s about the same size as the sniper rifle and shotgun and it works all right compared to the other dart guns. It’s probably the worst out of all the ones I have tried. It kind of works like the crossbow after the string got stretched.

The problem is the barrel of the rifle is too long, or the darts are too short. When the dart is all the way in, it never touches the back really so it never gets the full force when fired. It doesn’t shoot as far and the darts didn’t stick to the normal things well, but if you like watching the darts bouncing off things then this is the best gun for that.

All in all it’s not bad. I found this at Dollarama so it was only a dollar. The sniper rifle and shotgun were found at the smaller stores and were two dollars.

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3 Responses to “Dart Cowboy Rifle”

  1. L. Sokol says:

    Do you know if these are available in the US. I have looked in many stores for my son but have been unsuccessful.


  2. Mike says:

    I got this one at Dollarama which is a big dollar store chain in Canada. If they have any Dollaramas in the US near you I suggest you check with them first.

    If they don’t have it then try other big stores for a bigger selection, and chance, to find them.

  3. josh says:

    if you want to make this rifle cool you should duck tap the barrell in black

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