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Police Force Dart Shotgun

Yes, finally, a cheap dart gun toy that isn’t just merely a dart handgun toy from a dollar store. This is a shotgun toy that shoots suction cupped sticky darts. When I tested the SWAT Force dart gun and it actually worked, I thought the dart shotgun that HT Toys also made would be fun to get if I could get a hold of it. But this isn’t a dart shotgun made by HT Toys. Will it work like the SWAT Force series of dart guns?

Police Force Dart Shotgun
Now that’s what I’m talkin about!

Police Force Dart Shotgun and SWAT Force Dart Gun
The shotgun is much bigger than the handgun, the way it should be.

For starters, the dart shotgun is about three times as long as the dart pistol. Not knowing the exact comparison size for this type of handgun and this type of shotgun, it still looks pretty good. So far a plus with the scaling. The shotgun also has a realistic looking pump action to fire the dart. The grip under the barrel slides back just like the real thing. Much better than the knob om the back of the dart handgun that needed to be pulled out. That made the handgun look little stupid when it was loaded.

Dart Shotgun Darts with the Dart Gun DartsThe dart shotgun comes with some darts for firing and a few targets to fire at. The darts are different than the SWAT Force dart gun darts. There’s no hard plastic backing that I figure helps the dart actually stick to things. These were the ones that never seemed to work.

Darts and Targets for the Dart ShotgunThere are also two cardboard targets with stands. They will stand up but I can’t see them staying up when you fire the dart at them, and they won’t stick for sure that way. If you tape the darts down, the darts might stick, but will probably bend the cardboard. So that is your choice, have the darts stick and you wreck your targets or knock the targets down but they don’t stick.

Well surprising as it is, the dart shotgun actually works and the darts do stick to windows and similarily completely flat surfaces, despite being the lesser darts. And I do mean completely flat, the paint on walls tend to be a little bit bumpy so there’s enough space to keep the suction from suctioning to the wall. Aside from that, the only drawback(wait, what am I saying “only drawback”, it’s still a dollar store toy), is that this is a shotgun and shotguns fire a spread of bullets, not a single dart. They should have made it so you could fit all five darts in the gun so when you fire you would get a “+” or “X” pattern. The five darts could easily be the five points of a “+” or “X” for a wider range. That is the point of a shotgun, a wider spread of fire.

Whatever, for a cheap toy, it works.

Good Luck With Your Mission
Good Luck With Your Mission!

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