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SWAT Force Dart Gun With Targets

If you read my other post about HT Toys SWAT force air dart gun set, you’ll remember I mentioned I found many varieties of the dart guns on the HT Toys website. Each package had different types of guns and different contents. I also stated mine seemed to be the most basic since it only had a gun and five darts when many of the other packages included targets, badges and even handcuffs.

SWAT Air Dart Gun 9mm SetThis dart gun package contains a different model dart gun, four suction cupped darts and a target with a suction cupped stand that you need to put together. The darts come with a holder that can be clipped onto a belt or pocket. There was a very heavy paint or glue smell when I opened it. I opened the window just to get some air ventilation going. Who knows what I might have unleashed opening up that package?

So how does this one compare to the other toy dart gun?

SWAT Air Dart Gun Both GunsHere are the two dart guns next to each other. The previous one is on top with the clip of five darts to the right and this one is on the bottom with the clip of four darts to the left. Both say “9mm Auto” but only on the side you can see it here. The other side is just the silver paint.

This dart gun is smaller than the previous one and only has four darts. The darts are smaller for this gun than the previous one so you can’t use the darts for both guns. This one also warns not to modify the darts for use with the guns for any reason so your hands are tied.

They both work and the darts stick to completely flat surfaces, such as windows. And when I say completely flat, I mean completely. They only stuck to certain walls for a second or two before falling because the paint was slightly bumpy if you took a closer look.

SWAT Air Dart Gun Target PiecesThe other gun had no targets included so my only choice was to shoot the darts at the windows and walls. This gun, on the other hand, included two targets and a suction cupped stand to hold them up. The outline on the targets shows a guy with one hand behind his back, possibly concealing a weapon to make you want to shoot them. Nice touch.

At a first glance, the targets looked like they would stick to a wall, window or other perfectly flat section as is, but it was only the way it was packed. Instead, the targets are placed vertical to the suction cups so they just stick to a horizontal flat surface.

SWAT Air Dart Gun Target Set UpThe targets are on a spinning mount so that when a dart is fired from the gun and it hits the target, the target will spin around on the mount. The darts do stick to the targets to.

There is one problem with the targets though, the suction cups don’t stick to the tables. After all the success of the dart bullets, the stand doesn’t stick. The whole target stand fell over almost every time I shot it with the darts from the force of the shot. Sometimes the dart stuck and sometimes it didn’t.

SWAT Air Dart Gun PackageThe SWAT Force dart gun is one of the toys that actually surprised me in it’s ability to work better than I thought it would. My only other concern with this one, the first being the silver paint on the gun most likely containing lead, is the suction cupped target stand. Not that it didn’t stick, but rather that weird smell was probably the glue holding the suction cups on the stand. Having them glued on probably left tiny holes around the suction cups that
are keeping them from sticking to the table and who knows what kind of glue was used.

Finding another way to keep it from falling over would make shooting the target all the more worth it and functional.

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One Response to “SWAT Force Dart Gun With Targets”

  1. Zachary says:

    I found a great, safe way to modify these darts, you get a pair of scissors and cut off the suction cups, and the prongs at the back of the bullets. it makes it up to 3x more powerful, and it resembles a bullet


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