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Boxing Glove Gun

What do you get when you cross a boxing glove and a gun? You get the boxing glove gun. I guess it is supposed to be like one of those gag joke guns you can find that shoot out a little banner that says bang. The only problem is you can’t really fool anyone since the boxing glove is right on the front and not hiding inside the barrel like the banner joke guns.

Boxing Glove Gun
Both sides of the boxing glove gun

Much like the other toys, the packaging for the boxing glove gun is quite interesting as are the mascots.

First you have the title:

Pugilism Logo
Sounds like a disease or disorder

Pugilism is defined as:

“The skill, practice, and sport of fighting with the fists; boxing.”

I don’t think using the boxing gun would qualify as skill or fighting with fists but I guess there is nothing saying it can’t be with a boxing glove attached to a gun right? Right? I mean you make a fist when you grip the gun. Grasping at straws if you ask me.

Then you have the many mascots.

Mascot Bear
Looks kind of like a panda bear. Note the “Made in Chine”

Mascot Rabbit
Wasn’t Bug Bunny boxing before?

Mascot Kid
The bunny mascot with a kids head

All of them are boxing with boxing gloves. None of them are using the boxing glove gun. It’s so bad the mascots don’t even want to use it?

Anyway, there is not much to the boxing glove gun toy. You pull the trigger and it extends a few more inches. Maybe if you get two of them you can “box” with them but I only found one. I have never seen them anywhere else either. Now if I could put that boxing glove on one of the sticky darts from the SWAT force air dart gun set, that would be awesome. TKO someone from across the room.

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5 Responses to “Boxing Glove Gun”

  1. Jason says:

    hey i wanted to know if they can make a big one but leave the gun part and just make big so you hands can make it pop up am not sure if the idea has come out yet if so please let me know it would be a great prop for clowns which am a clown and i would love to buy one.

    thank you,
    Jason Morales please reply back and let me know

  2. Frank says:

    Where did you buy this gun?

  3. DSTB says:

    I got this gun in the dollar section of a Food Basics grocery store. It was the only one they had and the only place I saw it, but they got more in last weekend when I was there. Some were blue with a red punching glove and some were red with a black punching glove, but all were right handed fists though.

  4. Tom Walker says:

    Can anybody tell me where to buy one of these, preferably on-line? The only site I found was in Japanese. Also found them for sale in large lots but I only want one. Will pay shipping.

  5. Mike says:

    I did some checking and if a website is selling them individually, I haven’t seen it.

    Out of all the dollar stores I have been to, I have only seen the boxing glove gun at the Food Basics dollar section(which is no longer there).

    I almost picked up another, but I figured the one shown above was all I really needed.

    You might need to stop in at any dollar or discount store you find, see if they have any.

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