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Star Invaders Space Gun

Star Invaders Space GunThe Star Invaders Space Gun is the first dollar store toy gun I’ve tested that hasn’t used darts as ammunition. This gun uses little fluorescent yellow plastic BB-like bullets as projectiles, so it’s a nice change for people looking for something other than dart ammunition. For one, the plastic bullets don’t need to stick to anything to make them worthwhile.

Star Invaders Space Gun and the SWAT Force Dart GunThe space gun is a black gun with some gray paint on one side and totally black on the other. Obviously, the gray painted side was showing for the customer to see. The barrel of the gun and the ammo compartment cover is made with fluorescent green sparkle plastic to give it that “space” look.

The space gun is slightly bigger than the SWAT Force Dart Gun and it also has a loop around the trigger so you can twirl it a la Robocop. Just don’t drop it, or you’ll have to get another one. Right out of the package, the ammo compartment cover was cracked as were many others still at the store. It can’t be the best of quality if it breaks that easy.

Star Invaders Space Gun WatchYou get a couple of items in addition to the space gun so it’s almost like getting several toys in one. It comes with gear to make you not just someone with a space gun, but rather a space ranger, space cop or some other form of space law enforcement personnel.

Star Invaders Space Gun BadgeThe first of the gear you get is a plastic watch. Unfortunately, the watch doesn’t do anything and “power” is written upside down on the face of the sticker used, but it can still be worn. The other is a badge proudly showing “Jupiter Force Captain”, with a clip on the back that fits nicely in a shirt pocket in front of a pocket protector. Just imagine how awesome you would look with a plastic watch, Jupiter Force Captain badge and a space gun in your hand that fires fluorescent yellow plastic bullets.

You’re also given a couple of targets to fire at that are pictures, of all things, spaceships. The targets themselves look like something from a space combat video game with the radar and reticle.

Star Invaders Space Gun Star Invaders Space Gun Target Worth 200 Points

You’re probably going to need a few more bullets than the handful they give you in order to take down one of those with your space gun. You’re going to need one of these, sold separately.

Police Squad Plastic Bullet Refill

Realistically, you will still need one of these refill packs. Even though the Sacker sniper rifle and Police Force shotgun have only three to five darts each, the darts are easy to find and pick up to be reused over and over again. Unless you want to keep track of every single tiny little plastic bullet, they’re only slightly bigger than nerds candy, you’re going to need the refill. You get quite a lot for the additional buck.

It’s meant to look like a bullet and I got the gold bullet package, but there’s also a silver bullet package.

After all that, does it work? Yeah, it works, sometimes even like a shotgun. I figured I would be firing one plastic bullet at a time, but more often than not, two or three bullets would fire with one pull of the trigger. Sadly, the shots firing more than one bullet would completely avoid the target I was aiming at. The times it did only fire one bullet it worked pretty well. One shot was enough to knock down the cardboard target. I shall have to tape the targets down to see how many bullets they could take.

Oh, one last thing, don’t fire them at people or animals. Even if you think you could hit them in the body or arm, it’s mob rules on where it will actually hit. Tiny plastic bullets can get into more places than a suction cupped dart and you shouldn’t be firing suction cupped darts at people either.

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