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Mini Disc Blaster

Mini Disc compared to a ToonieThe mini disc blaster gun toy comes with a futuristic, or alien, looking hand gun and twelve discs. I am actually pretty ticked off. The one I have only has one stack of foam discs and I got it from a dollar section. The disc blasters they have had the dollar stores have three stacks of foam discs. Let that be a lesson to you – go to an actual dollar store. Who would have thought you could have gotten something better at a real dollar store? At least the other toy guns didn’t do that.

They also made use of the back side of the package to tell you how to use the mini disc blaster in 3 easy steps:

Mini Disc Blaster Step 1 Mini Disc Blaster Step 2
Mini Disc Blaster Step 3

So, it’s really only 2 steps. Using the item should not really count as a step. Adding a using the item step to the list is a pathetic attempt to make something look more complicated than it really is. I don’t know which is worse, having a step that is just using the item or having almost no steps so that there is no point in having a steps list.

Mini Disc BlasterIt has the usual warnings, not for kids under 3 and is for kids 4 and up. They also recommend not aiming the mini disc blaster at people or animals, but that is what I got it for.

First of all, aiming the blaster at the person does not do anything, firing the discs would be the problem.

Secondly, they are supposed to be safe foam discs so why is there any issue shooting them at people? It is not like those plastic discs for toy guns back in the day that might actually hurt. It’s also for outdoor use only. Too bad, I am using it indoors. I am looking forward to testing the claims that they shoot right after another and will shoot up to 30 feet.

The mini discs spread outThis one comes with 12 mini foam discs to blast with. 6 of them are already loaded so I need to load the other six official mini discs into the loading chamber. All 12 official mini discs fit nicely in the chamber and I can close the lid, so they planned that just right. What they did not plan right was the actual usage.

At first, every other shot worked and the ones in between just kind of fell out of the gun. It tends to jam up when trying to shoot fast or if the foam discs are not loaded properly. So really, I could not follow step 3, “enjoy some rapid fire action”, no matter how hard I tried. At least the space gun and other dart guns didn’t jam.

When shooting carefully and slowly, more shots actually fire but they do not come close to the up to 30 feet that is so largely presented on the front of the package. Well, I suppose it is not false advertising since up to 30 feet means anything under 30 feet. Usually, companies find out the maximum and add a little more and are pretty close, but if they are going to make bogus claims, then why not just say up to 100 feet?

Bad one or just plain bad, you decide.

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