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Dollar Plus Store Closes One Year After Opening

The Dollar Plus discount store that replaced the Dollar Bazaar in the plaza about a year ago has closed up after only being open for just over a year.

Someone told me they were closing down last month and sure enough, there were signs that everything was being marked down and it was going out of business. When got back from vacation, just into January, it was closed down so I figured the end of December was when it actually closed up shop.

I don’t like to see businesses go out of business, but as I mentioned before, I wondered why anyone would put the same type of store where another closed down. Did they think the previous owner wasn’t good enough and that they would do better?

The problem with the smaller dollar and discount stores is that they sell stuff for more than the standard dollar. I would go in to look for other unique/odd toys and many of the more interesting toys would be like 5 to 10 dollars whereas the bigger stores would be much cheaper, not necessarily a buck, but cheaper.

More selection and cheaper, by dollar store standards, has made it tough for the little guy. But isn’t that just the way business goes?

One more thing, if you paid attention, my last post was about the dollar store in Grand Theft Auto V and playing that is why it has been so long since my last post. Playing online can be quite fun and time consuming.

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