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Dollar Store Toys

This is it, the first post for the Dollar Store Toy Box, the place to review toys available at your local dollar store. Dollar stores have an assortment of toys for a dollar, but in some cases they cost more than just one. That does not seem to make much sense since they are dollar stores, but I guess some things can’t be helped. I am even letting the tax footnote slide to since there is tax on the dollar store items.

Happy dollar store toy girlWhen you’re a kid and have only so much to spend, you need to get the most for that buck. Remember those x-ray specs you could order out of the comic books that never did anything and were a big disappointment? The ones that look so stupid but you could live with that as long as you could see through objects. However, once you found out that you couldn’t see through objects, you only looked stupid and had the feeling to match. Then you wished you had saved your money. Here, you will find out which toys you will just want to have and the ones that make you actually want to save your money.

Happy dollar store toy kidThere’s always the good laugh you get when you realize how bad the toy actually sucks. They’re almost worth the buck you spent. But one of the most unique (and I use the term loosely) features of the dollar store toys is they can be rare. Some of the toys I picked up have not been seen at any other store I visited. The rarity of an item would be taken into account when determining value. If these toys are deemed rare enough, they might be worth more than the buck I spent on them. Maybe a $1.05!

Happy dollar store toy boyDollar stores have more products than just toys, but the rest of the stuff is boring really. That is why the focus is on the toys but there is actually a large variety of other items that actually have some good use for only a dollar. Finding the good amongst the bad will help people save some money, time and hassle. Some of the bad include anything electrical, such as power adapters, and batteries have been known to leak the acid inside damaging things or burning off skin. Check back for posts showing where you can save money choosing a dollar store over a regular store.

Let the stupidity begin.

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  1. Liz says:

    That kid constantly scares me, every time I see him!


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