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Local Buck Or Two Store Closed

I was running an errand down at the plaza where the Buck or Two, or one of the Buck or Twos in the city in case there’s more than one, is located so I decided to stop in to see if they had anything new and/or interesting and to my surprise, the store was closed down, completely closed!

The store was completely cleaned out already and there was no sign or indication that the store was being move to another location. There were just several “Store Closed” signs on the inside of the windows. It’s kind of a surprise after reading several articles about how dollar store profits are up during the current recession.

Well what can you do, some locations just don’t work for certain things and it’s not like there aren’t any Buck or Twos around anywhere else.

Some of the toys I got at that particular store include the Bricks Set Sets(tough to say), Fighter Robots, Skateboard Racers, Pirate Figures and the Wildlife Collection Sea Creatures in addition to other toys I have yet to post.

It’s kind of the same thing as when the Food Basics dollar section got cleared out. I got a bunch of good things from there including the 11 inch army guy, Labyrinth Game Challenger and, toy that started it all, the plastic bowling set.

All good things must come to an end.

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