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Bricks Set Lego 9038

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9038 PartsThis is part two in the three part series of the Bricks Set Lego toys. The first Bricks Set Lego pack, the Bricks Set 9037, had enough pieces and the instructions to make an excavator.

The Bricks Set 9038 is a motorcycle and it’s supposed to come with 42 pieces. There are only 40 pieces, unless you count the figure and instructions, but if that was the case, then the 9037 would have 48 pieces, two over the listed piece count.

Bricks Set Lego 9038 InstructionsSo you get some instructions to make the motorcycle just like you get with the 9037 to make the excavator.

It’s a nine step process to make the motorcycle and there aren’t any issues with the instructions like with the 9037. If you follow the instructions, you’ll get the proper finished product.

The instructions also show the two creations you can make if you get both sets of three and then the giant robot you can make if you get all six Bricks Set Lego packs. This is the second of the 3x series.

I only have one from the 4x series so I won’t be able to make the giant robot or the tour train thing, but I do have the three for the larger robot. I just don’t have the instructions to make the robot you’re supposed to be able to make so it will take some time to figure it out.

I need to make a correction from the 9037 post. I thought the tour train thing was what you could make with the 4x series group of three but it turns out you need all six. You get to make some big car thing with the three from the 4x series. I would rather have the larger robot.

Bricks Set Lego 9038 Built

Well that’s how it looks when you’re done. It looks like a kid is riding it since the figure is SO much smaller than the motorcycle.

The other flaw I can see with it is the wheels, in that is has no wheels to speak of. The excavator has wheels and the 9039(coming soon) toy has wheels, this just has wheels made of blocks so it just slides and has no rolling action.

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