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Fighter Robots

Fighter Robot HeadI haven’t posted a dollar store action figure in quite some time so I figure it’s about time for another one.

These are the Fighter Robots and I picked them up at one of the Buck or Two stores. I can’t remember if they were a buck or two(har har). The Fighter Robots come in two sizes, big and mini.

The big Fighter Robots are packed individually so you’re going to have to get another one so it won’t feel lonely. The mini ones come in packs of two, but they are half the size of the big ones.

Big Fighter Robots
So, I got two of the big Fighter Robots, the only colors the Buck or Two had available were black and grey. There may be other colors available. They really remind me of Vikings, don’t know why.Black Fighter Robot

Grey Fighter Robot

The Fighter Robots arms and legs moveBoth the arms and legs are posable on the Fighter Robots, although it’s not what you might expect. They don’t move straight forward, the robot arms are curved like those body builder guys whose biceps are too big who can’t put their whole arm against their bodies. The arms are posable, but you can’t get a good downward chopping action.The legs work a little better than the arms, they pivot the right way, but pivot on an angle making anything other than standing up straight difficult. I barely kept it standing up to take the picture.

Fighter Robots have the chest light to
Big Fighter Robots have the City Nimrod chest light button

An advertised feature of the big Fighter Robots is that it lights up. It has a tiny LED light in the chest that lights up by pressing a button on the lower back, the same as the City Nimrods. The light works just as well as long as the battery isn’t dead. Unfortunately, if the battery is dead and you really want that chest light action, you’re going to have to open the action figure. There’s not battery compartment, the action figure is the battery compartment.

Fighter Robots Fighting
Big Fighter Robots Fight

The big Fighter Robots come with a big axe and a big shield. The hands have the tiny holes in them to hold the axe and shield. They can hold the axe in two ways(see above), the black fighter holding it one way and the grey fighter holding it the other.

Mini Fighter Robots
Mini Fighter Robots
These guys were in the same packOnly the arms move on the mini Fighter RobotsThe mini Fighter Robots come in a pack of two, but they are roughly half the size of the large ones. These guys have a different look to them, they remind me of something out of a Japanese cartoon.

Not only has the size of the mini robots been halved, so has the posability. The arms are attached differently than the arms on the large Fighter Robots so they can be moved in the standard fashion. The arms are the only posable appendage on these guys, the legs are fixed and can’t be moved.

The mini Fighter Robots have chest lights to
Mini Fighter Robots have the Batman action figure chest light button

The mini fighter robots also have the chest lights just like their big brothers. These lights are operated from the lower back as well, although the button is replaced by more of a flap that when pushed makes the light on their chest turn on. It’s the same flap found on the Batman action figure. I guess fortunately, all of the lights worked just as well as the Batman and City Nimrod’s lights worked.

Mini Fighter Robots Fighting
Mini Fighter Robots Fight To

The mini Fighter Robots get a weapon and a shield to. Each one comes with a sword instead of an axe and a lamer looking shield. Unlike the axe, the sword only fits in the hand hold one way, but it’s the good way. The hand on one of them wasn’t able to hold the sword since the hand hole wasn’t drilled properly.

Fighter Robot Family
The Fighter Robot Family

I can’t help but imagine one of those early Saturday Night Live skits back in the day announced by the late Phil Hartman, “It’s the Fight Robot Family”.

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