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Labyrinth Game Challenger

Labyrinth StartOk, when I first saw this thing I thought it was like one of those other Labyrinth games with the ball in the maze. You know, the ones where you tilt the sides to navigate the ball through the maze while avoiding holes. At a first glance, I saw it only has one path and I thought it was the most pathetic version of a labyrinth game, even for a dollar store toy. It was only when I took a closer look that I noticed that it was actually like the game Operation – the game that made the phrase “Don’t touch the sides” famous.

Labyrinth Package
“Let’s have a labyrinth competition”

Labyrinth 20 PointsI was curious about the exact definition of labyrinth, so I looked it up. I figured it was just another term for a maze but was surprised to find that a labyrinth consists of only one path. I guess you learn something new everyday.

Labyrinth 40 PointsThis package tries to show how much fun kids will have with it and it’s always a joke. One of the kids wants to have a labyrinth competition. It comes with the playing field (in different colors to wow your friends) and a metallic pointer you use to navigate the playing field. The labyrinth unit isn’t even called labyrinth, it’s Game Challenger. What it does not come with is some necessary batteries to operate the light and/or sound you get when you lose. Just don’t get the batteries from dollar stores.

Labyrinth Game Challenger Kids
Kids say the darndest things

Labyrinth 60 PointsLabyrinth works the same way Operation does in that if you touch the sides you lose. According to the instructions “If you touch the sides, it will produce a sound or a light, you must restart”. Produce either a sound OR a light? What if you are hard of hearing or deaf and the game chooses the sound over the light? You wouldn’t know you lost. Well, time to go find some batteries and test this thing out.

Labyrinth Game Challenger

Labyrinth 80 PointsSince all the bells and whistles accompanied the loss, the first thing I did was lose on purpose. With sounds like death rays and grenades being launched and blowing up, I was not sure what kind of labyrinth I was in. I don’t think David Bowie dealt with grenades and death rays. It really sounds like something from Atari games and both the light and sounds go off when you lose.

Labyrinth 100 PointsWell there you have it, the labyrinth game challenger. The game that’s more exciting when you lose rather than win. Congratulations, you made it to the end of the post. So now, if anyone asks you “are you make it on end?”, you can reply “Yes, I can did, 100!”

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