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Skateboard Racers

Skateboard Racer KeyIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a racing dollar store toy. In fact, this is only the second racing toy I’ve posted, unless you count the skateboarding Spiderman. Here is another skateboard toy, well, technically two since there are two in the pack. It’s a pair of skateboarding toys that actually makes use of a key instead of the usual pull back action on some toys.

Skateboard Racers

Skateboard with the key inWhat you get in this pack is two skateboarders, each on a skateboard, and two keys to operate launch the skateboards. The key is inserted into the back of the skateboard and when the buttons on the key are pressed, it sends the skateboard racing.

The skateboarders are also poster children for skateboard safety. They are decked out in skateboarding safety gear including a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Unfortunately, they’re painted on and won’t offer much protection. I would’ve rather they use that paint to give them a face instead of nothing. They look like zombie skateboarders.

Skateboard Racer’s Faces

Well, at least the zombie look fits since their skateboards have a nice Halloween design. Maybe it’s a toy of skateboarders dressing up for Halloween. Nah, that’s reading too much into it.

Skateboard Racer Skateboards

And now a random picture of those two skateboarders with the skateboarding Spiderman.

Skateboard Racers with the Skateboarding Spiderman

They would totally beat the skateboarding Spiderman in a race though, his pull back action is no match for their key to speed action. They just better watch out for the other racing toy I forgot about, the Spiderman car, it’s driven by a couple of nimrods.

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