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Dollarama Replaces Buck Or Two Store

So a while back I reported on the closure of a local Buck or Two store at a plaza in my city where I get my haircut. I drove by to see the Buck or Two building virtually cleared out.

Just over a week ago it was haircut time again so I made my way over to the haircut place in the plaza and to my surprise, Dollarama had opened where the Buck or Two closed. Well, I did comment on the success of Dollarama and how they planned on opening more stores. I guess this is one of them.

I went in to check for any new and interesting toys to talk about and came out with a few items that will be posted soon. A new artillery weapon, a couple new action figures and some water toys.

It will be interesting to see if just the Buck or Two failed or if a dollar store just can’t make it in that area.

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