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Harry Potter And The Cheap Knock Off

Little Wizard PackageWell, the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is coming out July 15th so I thought I would post the Harry Potter knock off action figure. It’s not a new action figure and was most likely made for one of the previous movie releases. Anything dollar store is usually behind the times.

The name is somewhat unimaginative, Little Wizard, it’s a descriptive term. Why not Herry Putter or Horry Patter? I guess they were trying to avoid making it too obvious of a connection. I mean aside from the hair, the resemblance is uncanny, take a look. He reminds me of the puppet Conky from the Trailer Park Boys. It was made in the likeness of the character Bubbles.

Contents of the Knock Off Harry Potter

This Harry Potter knock off comes with a couple accessories that fit into fists. The fists have holes in them, much like if you were holding a bat, and the two accessories fit right into them.

Knock Off Harry Potter Holding the Broom and Wand

The first accessory is a crooked wand thing most likely used for magic and the other is a broomstick that is probably there for the Quidditch game in the Harry Potter books.

The Rip Off Harry Potter Holding the Broom and Wand like a Cane

The magic wand might not even be a magic wand at all. It could be a cane used by older wizards that’s usually made out of a crooked wooden tree branch. I’m sure kids can use their imagination and decide between the two.

The Bootleg Harry Potter Can Swing His Arms

The Harry Potter bootleg is an action figure because the arms can move forward and backward like normal arms. He doesn’t have a chest light like the Fighter Robots, City Nimrods or the Batman action figure, but that would be a little odd. Batman and the Robots I can see having that light, but not the Nimrods. Even the knock off Optimus Prime has a chest light.

Check out the animated picture of Little Wizard worthy of a dollar or discount store.

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