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Tri Top Tron Dinosaur Robot Transformer

Last week I presented Bronto Tron, the first of four Dinotron dinosaur robot transformers and this week I have Tri Top Tron.

If you couldn’t quite figure it out, Tri Top stands for Triceratops. This makes Slag the Dinobot of choice if you want the Transformers version. There’s a significant difference between Tri Top Tron and Slag though to call Tri Top Tron a unique figure and not a bootleg.

The dinosaur form of the Tri Top Tron Dinotron
Tri Top Tron in Dinosaur Form

In dinosaur form, it looks like it has two heads when viewing from the front since the upward ridge behind the head has a gap where the robot head is supposed to be. At least his robot head wasn’t in a poorly chosen spot like Bronto Tron.

It also has a couple of attached guns/cannons on the shoulders.

Watch the Transformation
The robot form of the Tri Top Tron Dinotron
Tri Top Tron in Robot Form

In robot form, the feet don’t transform well and it doesn’t stand up on its own quite well. If you look closely, you can see the robot feet don’t touch the ground as they should so you have to position the rotated dinosaur feet properly for it to stand.

There’s not really much else to say about Tri Top Tron so we might as well move to the next one.

There are only two more Dinotrons to go in the series.

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