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Five More Toy Videos Uploaded

I decided to post more of the old video footage I have had sitting around for literally years. I used to think it was simple to update content, but that also depends on what you need to update.

It takes the better part, if not all, of an evening if I start from scratch in prepping a toy post. I need to take the pictures, transfer them over to my computer, size them how I want and then write the content to go along with the post.

That in itself takes quite a bit of time and doesn’t include making a video with the post. I’m really trying to get a video to go along with the toy post if the toy has some action or sound to it, but with school and work it’s hard to find time and/or energy.

This old footage was done in a night or two when all I did was record a bunch of toys in action. I posted the battle tops one separately because I hadn’t done the review for it yet, but the following videos already have their associated reviews up.

Click the heading for the video if you want to see the original post.

Boxing Glove Gun

It’s a little blurry, but I’ve seen much worse on I try it out on a couple of test targets.

Dart Board

This is the only non-artillery video in the bunch. It actually works pretty well, but it’s a mini dart board so it’s like having to go for the bullseye every time unless you’re close.

Mini Disc Blaster

Here is a double feature on the mini disc blaster. One of them is supposed to be a bad trial while the other is a good trial, but they both seemed to go ok except the one didn’t want to fire the last few shots.

Mini SWAT Gun

This was testing one of the targets from the SWAT gun packs with the mini SWAT gun. It was a good test and the toy actually works.

Hope you enjoyed them.

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