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Dollar Store To Sell Items For A Dollar

Dollar Stores have been getting a lot of slack over the pricing of their merchandise. Larger dollar and discount stores have a wide variety of inventory that costs only a dollar while many smaller dollar and discount stores price their merchandise at several bucks or more, but even bigger chains like Buck or Two and Dollarama have larger items costing more than a dollar. Dollarama has even raised some of those prices by 25, 50 cents to even a dollar more.

This has prompted complaints that these stores aren’t true dollar stores because everything isn’t priced a dollar. I think people are just taking things a little too literally in those respects.

Dollar and discount stores were most likely set up merely to offload inventory standard department stores couldn’t get rid of at a price that would most likely clear them out. With that in mind, it’s hard to believe they would price larger items at only a dollar just to clear them out. I mention this because I have seen printers for 10 dollars at a Buck or Two store. My initial thought wasn’t, those jerks, their store is Buck or Two, it should be no more than two bucks.

From the idea that dollar stores should sell everything for a dollar, or they shouldn’t be called dollar stores, comes Dollar Mountain. The owner, Glen Witter, insists on keeping everything to a dollar and wants people to know the inventory is not made up of closeout items, but rather merchandise from companies that supply items specifically to dollar and discount stores.

It’s also mentioned they will have lots of toys. Too bad for me they are in Wausau.

You can read the article here.

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