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Rage Wireless Guitar Recall

When I first heard about a guitar recall from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, I figured it would have been one of those tiny guitars that make a few sounds when you push a few buttons. I had no idea it would be been something that was made to be used with the Nintendo Wii system.

The Rage Wireless Guitar is a third party product that I am guessing is meant to be played with the Guitar Hero game for the Wii. Just take a look at the blue and white guitar items being recalled and I’m sure you would agree.

The recall is in regards to an issue involving battery leakage. The Rage Guitar needs batteries to work because it’s wireless and if those batteries are put in the wrong way, they could leak. People generally don’t want to touch what is inside batteries because it burns to touch. They were available between June 2008 and September 2008 and approximately 57,000 are being recalled.

I’d hate to be rocking out and go to press a button to find out my finger was burned off from battery acid leakage. Although when you think about it, if the batteries were put in wrong the guitar wouldn’t work so then you would just be lame if you tried to rock out.

Unlike the Nerf Blaster recall where they wanted the consumer to get a protective cover for their issue, there’s no consumer fix. People who bought these Rage Guitars should take them back to where they got them for a refund. Since this is a third party product, don’t call Nintendo about it, they won’t help.

Third party gaming products tend to be hit or miss. I’ve used light guns made by a third party are never quite as good as the Guncon 1, 2 or 3 for the Time Crisis games. The third party Playstation memory cards for the PS1 and PS2 had much more room to save for a little more money, but those turned out to be costly when one of the blocks on a multi-block game save went bad making hours spent on a game all for nothing. The PS3 has internal memory now so memory cards aren’t a requirement.

Although you save money or get more features on third party products, it’s best to do research online to see if the product you want is worth the lower price. I’m not sure if there were other options available in this case, but if there were, this one didn’t work out.

Hey, that means my Guitar Hero guitar decoration is safer than that one! Nah forget it, someone would get a construction paper cut and blame me.

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