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One of the big reasons I started this website was to find and show the most interesting, funny or stupid cheap toys you might see at dollar and discount stores.

I have found some really good bootleg toys, some of which were good enough(or bad enough) to be included in’s article “The 15 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Bootleg Toys“(#6 and #3). Thanks for finding them Cole Gamble.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found as many good ones as I had hoped and other responsibilities have kept me from posting on a regular basis the past couple years. This is something I am hoping to rectify now that I’m not that busy and I have some pretty good funny toys in the post cue, but if you want to see a bunch of weird toys, go to the Weirdo Toys website.

The website owner and author is Justin Gammon and the site is just post after post of really weird toys.

Some of the weird toys I sort of recognize due to some resemblance of characters I know are He-Man, Transformers, Batman, Robin and a combination Superman/Batman/Spiderman toy that is just like the City Nimrods and the Super Hero Batman action figures I posted earlier and he even has the stupid chest light.

His website also has a video section to show off some of the weird toys and he has an auction section where you can buy some of the weird toys he is selling to have your own weird toy to call your own.

I don’t really sell anything because with the cheap dollar store toys, anything more than a dollar would be too much, although it would be interesting to see if I could get more than a dollar for some of them.

Anyway, check out, if you haven’t already, for a really good laugh at some of the hilarious toys Justin has found and posted.

Good job.

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