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Bronto Tron Transforming Dinosaur Robot

Sorry for the very long delay in posting. Things have been quite busy in addition to a general lack of energy with the days getting shorter and colder up here in Canada.

So far I have only posted one other cheap transforming toy, the cheesy Transport Transformer toy which is a total bootleg of Optimus Prime from the Transformers. Now, I have a collection of four transforming dinosaur robots, the Dinotrons, that I got from a Dollarama store.

This one here is a robot that transforms into a brontosaurus, now called an Apatosaurus, dinosaur and vice versa. The transformation is probably what you’d expect from a cheap dollar store toy, although you don’t have to remove parts to complete the transformation like the Transport Transformer Optimus. It looks more like a robot wearing a dinosaur costume rather than something you really transform. You just peel back the layers to find the robot.

I never had the Dinobots, but I don’t think this is a bootleg of Sludge though. They couldn’t have made him this crappy.

The Bronto Tron Dinotron in dinosaur form
Bronto Tron in Dinosaur Form

Watch the Transformation

The Bronto Tron Dinotron in robot form
Bronto Tron in Robot FormIf you can’t tell, the brontosaurus is still largely intact, like the robot has one on its back.

One thing I found most quite amusing is that the head of the robot is where the butt of the dinosaur is supposed to be. I just have one question.

What would it be if the robot was throwing up?

The Bronto Tron Head is the Dinosaur's Butt

The Bronto Tron is the first of four Dinotrons. Stay tuned for the other three in upcoming posts.

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