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Kids On Dollar Store Toys

Many of the cheap dollar store toys have pictures of kids on the package in case there is any confusion on who the toys are meant for.

The kids shown on the toy packages are usually really happy, presumably about the toy, and possibly even playing with the toy to show that, yes, kids will have fun with the toy if you would just buy it for them.

Labyrinth Game Challenger

These two kids are on the labyrinth game challenger package. The boy looks kind of freaky and looks even worse when the picture is enlarged. He wants to have a labyrinth competition as the girl plays.

On the game itself, the little girl is asking if the boy has won the game to which he replies he did. At least these kids look a little more normal.

New Concept Bike

This kid looks like he was just thrown on the package. He could be doing anything or happy about anything, but let’s just say he got the New Concept Bike and he was just so happy.

It’s either that or because he is wearing an open pack of Jiffy Pop on his head. If you don’t know what Jiffy Pop is, imagine a bag of microwave popcorn you cooked on a stove.

Speed Track

This kid is surprisingly playing with the toy and he almost looks like he is enjoying it. He must really be good at it to have one car in the loop, one loaded in the launcher and holding a third car.

Feel free to send along an email if you have any pictures of kids from dollar store toy packages. Please include the name of the toy and perhaps a picture of the entire toy package for reference.


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