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Reasons Why Sales Receipts From Dollarama Are Useless

Whenever you make a purchase at a store, you are most likely given a sales receipt for your purchases. With the holidays here, and the usual gift exchanging from stores afterwards, most people will hold onto the receipts just in case. The sales receipt lists several important information points for the customer such as the date and time they purchased the items, a detailed listing of what they bought and the price. The subtotal is taxed and a grand total is calculated.

Customers can review the sales receipt for any issues like being overcharged, or they would need it as proof of purchase to return or exchange an item. Dates are listed on the receipt since most companies have a limited amount of time to return a defective item and they need to see the receipt. Another reason why there are dates on the receipt after a sale is so that people can compare and track purchase they may have used debit for.

Unknown debit of 20 bucks? Oh, there is a receipt on the same day, same time and same cost for a debit from HMV. Case closed. They are also handy when halted by a store security guard should you be under suspicion of stealing. Having the sales receipt shows you paid for all such things you have, or not.

Dollarama Sales ReceiptFor all the reasons you would need a sales receipt from a regular store, visiting a local Dollarama makes me wonder why they give them out. I remember my first visit to the the local Dollarama dollar store. Walls and shelves all covered in cheap toys and various other bargain basement items. No, this was not what prompted the creation of this site, this was a visit for material for the site.

I had only seen small dollar stores and dollar section before. This dollar store was a giant dollar store and was sure to have a larger variety of dollar toys. I picked up my material and made my way to the checkout line, paid for my items and got my sales receipt. Little did I know that my sales receipt would be an example of how bad the dollar stores can be, and show me why they’re basically useless.

All Sales Final

No Exchange and No RefundFirst we have this gem on the sales receipt. No exchange and no refund. Do you know what items have no exchange and no refund? Items that the store is just dying to get rid of and not see ever again. Items marked “reduced to clear”, like on food products, or other things like non-perishable stuff that is obsolete.

In regular stores, only those items are marked as such. Not at Dollarama. They make a point to mention that on the sales receipt after every purchase. You can’t return even their best stuff. They don’t want it back. This point makes it virtually useless to keep the receipt. I did not get it there, but what if I wanted to return the toy cellphone I reviewed? If you can’t return anything, you don’t really need a receipt. A testament to the quality of dollar stores.

Doomed to Repeat the 20th Century All Over Again

Not Y2K CompliantThis is the date I purchased the toys. See anything odd about it? It’s almost 8 years after the fact, they are still not Y2K compliant!!! I did not purchase this in 1907. I would be long past the 30 day return period by about 100 years, should I try to return something, but that is not possible since they already have the “No Exchange/No Return” policy.

The Y2K thing seemed to be a fluke from the store I went to since other Dollarama sales receipts showed the correct year. It is still worth pointing out since the date only really matters when you want to return items. Even if it is the correct date, still useless.

What did I buy?

Count of the ItemsWell here is the detailed list of what I bought. You just get asked how many items, in this example there were 3 items being purchased. It does not matter what they are, just 3 times one dollar. They tax everything and give you the total.

I actually remember what items I got here, one of them was from the flip puzzle review. The other 2 will be in future posts. You shouldn’t need to remember. If you are expected to remember yourself, a receipt is useless.

It does not really leave anything that you could possibly need. In this case, the receipt should only really consist of the subtotal, tax and grand total. This would only really be used to make sure you were not overcharged. Since it is not difficult to figure out, it is no wonder most people decline or discard the receipt almost immediately.

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10 Responses to “Reasons Why Sales Receipts From Dollarama Are Useless”

  1. toy box says:

    Crazy idea that there are actually stores out there now that are still not Y2000 ready.

  2. JewFace says:

    You know, I work at a Dollar Store and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who try to return the stuff they buy from us. You shouldn’t go into a f***ing dollar store expecting top quality products, and it isn’t my fault if you’re a moron. At least it provides entertainment in my otherwise tedious shift. 😉

  3. Allie says:

    seriously people….it’s a dollar store……

  4. Mark says:

    only morons work at dollar stores. Soon nobody will shop there and all morons will be out of a job.

  5. Bano says:

    first of all, you’re not fooling anybody by photoshopping the date :) grow up
    and stop going to the dollar store and criticising it

  6. Mike says:

    Don’t have access to photoshop.

    If people stopped going places/doing things and criticizing them on the internet, it would be boring.

  7. s says:

    whole bunch of dollar class ppl shop there…poor ppl who work there cuz the customers standard is to low…n abt who will stop comming datz not gonna hapeen we have billons sales per day…duh

  8. Edie says:

    I bought a universal remote for a tv that was givin to me and hours later the previous owner called to tell me that they found it, It is a good product and I am happy with the price but I now have a completely usless item I cant even exchange for store credit.

  9. Rucj says:

    There is no reason this should have been longer than a couple of sentences.

  10. Teralee Sampson says:

    Bought a usb ‘lightning cable’ for 3.50 instead of mini usb for 4.50 – they look quite similar – and just wanted to trade and pay up the difference. Nope. I don’t use lightning cable for anything. To trash it goes.

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