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Monopoly Adds New Piece While Retiring Another

Hasbro has announced the winner of an Internet poll which decided the new game piece that was going to be added to the Monopoly games.

The new token is going to be a cat token and it will be replacing the iron. I think the iron was one of the pieces no one ever really took unless they absolutely had to.

The cat token beat out the other contenders the robot, ring, helicopter and guitar.

A ring would have been kind of lame no matter what type of ring it was. The guitar might have been cool but Guitar Hero seems to have lost its novelty and people were probably sick of it anyway. The helicopter could have been cool to but I think the piece would have been too complex.

The robot was quite popular, but seeing as how it was an internet poll, that shouldn’t be all too surprising since robots are popular on the Internet.

The problem is, so are cats. You have LOLcats and constant postings of videos with cats doing funny things and I think they are enjoyed by more people than the ones liking robots. Everyone can enjoy cat videos whereas not everyone enjoys robots.

Since Hasbro took to the Internet to decide their next token and are going with a cat, they should model the new token after the most popular cat video/picture on the Internet.

It seems fitting.

What do you think of the new token being a cat?

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