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Dollar Store Fined For Selling Bad Food

You get some articles about finding good food products to buy at a dollar store and then you get articles like this that make just reinforce the reasons why you wouldn’t want to buy food products at dollar stores.

A dollar store owner in Edmonton was fined several thousand dollars for trying to sell damaged goods. Things like dented cans, exposed dry goods and expired items.

It’s easy for people to avoid such products, I myself wouldn’t be picking up anything that looked compromised, but it doesn’t mean they should be sitting on the shelf when they could be taken off. The people most at risk are low income customers who were buying them because they were on the shelf and cheap.

What’s really facepalm worthy is that the owner tried to use the it’s the customers fault for not looking and the employee’s fault for leaving them on the shelf excuse, trying to place blame on someone else, but this was after numerous warnings over a four year period and the judge wasn’t buying it. With all the bad food tossed in a dumpster, no one was buying that anymore either.

Hopefully this opens the dollar store owners eyes on the matter and gets him to clean up his act.

Read the entire story here.

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